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Man Fu Yuan x Irish Duck Company - Best of Irish Showcase

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Rosette Media Tasting Panel Rating : 9/10

From 1 October to 15 November 2023, Man Fu Yuan and Irish Duck Company will showcase three 6-course menus, each showcasing some of the finest produce Ireland has to offer. Irish Duck Company is revered amongst serious food connoisseurs as the sole purveyor of the world-famous Silver Hill Duck in Asia. In partnership with Man Fu Yuan, Irish Duck Company recently introduced the exquisite John Stone Dry-Aged Beef and Pork products and it will be the first time that all three products will be presented in one menu in Singapore.

Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan has crafted distinct set menus, each an opulent celebration of Irish cuisine, using the best of Irish produce from the Irish Duck Company and we had the brilliant opportunity of tasting and sampling some of their lovely creations before it opened to the general public and hotel guests, so we were simply thrilled when we hopped over one evening to meet the culinary and marketing team along with the folks from the Irish Embassy and IDC.

Under the visionary leadership of Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan, Man Fu Yuan continually strives to deliver lovely culinary experiences and Chef Aaron's unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in his relentless pursuit of the finest ingredients and cooking style and this allows diners to indulge in uniquely crafted experiences that transcend the ordinary, setting Man Fu Yuan apart as a beacon of gastronomic innovation. Man Fu Yuan remains at the forefront of redefining the boundaries of Cantonese fine dining, guided by Chef Aaron's unwavering dedication to culinary perfection, and one of our favourite dining places for Cantonese cuisine in Singapore!

Irish Duck Company, the exclusive distributor of the world-famous Silver Hill Duck in Asia, is renowned for providing the "wagyu of duck" to fine-dining establishments and luxury hotels globally. "In Singapore, Irish produce is relatively new and offers an exceptionally high level of quality. Ireland, known for its exceptional agricultural practices, boasts some of the world's finest produce due to its pristine land, abundant water resources, and advanced farming techniques. The meticulous care invested in animal breeding further ensures consistently high-quality products, reflecting the company's dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of their offerings," shares Joel Lim of the Irish Duck Company (IDC), highlighting the partnership's aim to promote Irish meat and produce in the country with the support of the Irish Government.

Alongside Silver Hill Duck, the Irish Duck Company is set to introduce the exquisite John Stone Dry-Aged Beef and Hampshire Pork in Singapore, marking the very first occasion where all three of these exceptional products will grace a single menu in Singapore. As such, Chef Aaron Tan has crafted three meticulous set menus that will be available to mark this beautiful collaboration, each representing an opulent celebration of Irish cuisine, super lovely!

"In this exciting partnership with the Irish Duck Company, I am embarking on a journey to

weave the rich tapestry of premium Irish meats into the intricate fabric of traditional flavoursand techniques. This collaboration offers an extraordinary opportunity to craft culinaryexperiences that seamlessly fuse tradition with international finest quality ingredients, offering our diners a distinctive taste of Ireland's finest brought to life in a Cantonese way." says Chef Aaron. He shares his passion on various statements as he takes us through our menu tasting for the evening.

The artistry of Irish produce is brought to LIVE at Man Fu Yuan as they showcase their finest offerings from the esteemed Irish Duck Company through three exclusive set menus, each with a different symphony of opulent flavours. We sampled the Elegant Set Menu priced at $228++ per person, and were fascinated with the presentation, the taste, the ingredients, the style of cooking, and the way each dish was shared and a detailed explanation given, that depicts the tremendous effort put in my Chef Aaron and his team, in preparing the menu, which depicted each dish in a simple format on the tasting menu in 5 main headers (bolded).

We are given a lovely welcome drink to prepare our palates first, and then we had our first course Appetizer, which comprise of the John Stone Irish smoked salmon flower, wasabi aioli, along with the Chilled cherry vine tomatoes with crab meat, and Chilled John Stone Dry-Aged beef aged-citrus honey soya sauce and sesame seed - the mix was incredibly tasty!

For Soup, we had the Braised golden bird's nest with golden pumpkin superior stock; it was exquisitely presented and as a Cantonese who drinks superior soup on a daily basis, I can simply testify to the work executed in delivering this yummy soup, full of stock taste.

The Bird's nest was separately added and we had the self-service option, so it gave us the opportunity to try the soup, with and without the Nest option.

We then had the Vegetable which hit the right tasting notes with a wok-fried John Stone Irish lamb loin melangé with a good dice of Sarawak black pepper sauce and tossed with a humble Hong Kong kai-lan - the presentation and taste was sufficiently flowing with prime goodness. We truly immersed ourselves in the sublime tenderness of their slow-braised Irish Hampshire Pork Belly, which exudes a brilliant testament to the artistry of Irish gastronomy.

For the Pork Dish, the Braised Irish Hampshire pork belly was tempted along with a South Africa 5-head abalone, which brought about a value distinction to the dish, as we revelled in the expertly prepared dish to taste the overflowing Irish marbling in the pork belly, just sumptuous beyond belief!

When it came to the Noodles dish (as humble as it sounds), it actually consists of

Chinese ramen (which was done with a decent al dente bite, as I am a noodle lover) with rock lobster (powerful), Silver Hill Irish Duck (which was blended and fitted well) along with superior XO sauce. We just succumbed to the enchanting aroma and exquisite flavours of their perfectly roasted-smoked Silver Hill Irish Duck, with that super fresh Lobster, marvellous!

As we went to the last course of the menu tasting which was Dessert, it didn't taste or look ordinary, as you can assess and see that this "aburi-looking" Oven-baked mango pudding brought about a nice finish to the entire course; the overall menu fitted well and not super filling, but yet portioning was just nice, so we loved it! Immaculate!

So patrons are encouraged to booking this limited time menu that is Available from 1 October to 15 November 2023

Lunch Weekdays 12:00pm to 3:00pm Last order 2:30pm

Weekends and Public Holidays 11:30am to 3:00pm 1st seating: 11:30am to 1pm (Last order 12:30pm) 2nd seating: 1:30pm to 3pm(Last order 2:30pm)

Dinner 6:00pm to 10:00pm Last order 9:30pm

The limited time only set menus are available at Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore, from 1 October to15 November. For reservations and enquiries, please visit

More information on the collaboration can be located here...

Man Fu Yuan

Level Two, InterContinental Singapore

80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966

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