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Kita Food Festival 2023 - featuring the Big Sunday BBQ

Fine and casual dining events, multi-chef cook-ups, and Kita Conversations, full-days of talks and forums for the F&B industry make up the essence of the Kita Food Festival - we had the fortune to go for the lovely Big Sunday Barbeque event.

The Big Sunday BBQ is basically a big bash cook-up, where some of the most dextrous up-and-coming chefs in Singapore come together to cook over fire. It was a big mighty awesome...I would say...Pigout" with tons of BBQ food. There were multiple cooking stations-cum-pits, each with two chefs cooking up a feast. Pretty casual, with cheap drinks, heady vibes and more fabulously tasty food on a lovely Sunday noon time.

The list of chefs include:

  • David Tang (Rosemead) x Ahmir Arshad (Wildcard)

  • Fariz Ramli (Revolver) x Matteo Ponti (Braci)

  • Marcus Tan (FOOL) x Son Pham (Sonny’s Pizza)

  • MJ Teoh (Native) x Sunny Leong (Wine RVLT)

We tried all 8 courses prepared by the various chefs, We tried the BBQ Jac Wagyu Inside Skirt Steak, Bombay Chimichurri, King Trumpet, Bagna Cauda as well as the Smoked Scamorza Kulchette, Salsa Rossa with Smoked Sardines, by Braci X Revolver - it tasted smashingly good!

We then worked out with ROSEMEAD × WILDCARD, where we had the Beef Tongue Taco, Smoked Bean and Salsa Negra - so good and also the Braised Oxtail Grilled Cheese, Dill Pickles, Hot Sauce - exquisite!

Next up was the curation from Native X Wine RVLT where the 2 dishes of Grilled Baby Cuttlefish, Keluak Miso Mole, King Oyster Mushroom, Crispy Duck Floss and the Grilled Skate Fish, Okra, Sambal Vierge Sauce, both appealed deliciously to us! Loved the way how the squid was being prepared and by this time, we were already very full!

Lastly, we worked on the culinary creations from FOOL × SONNY'S PIZZA, where theBBQ Eggplant Ssam, Braised Impossible Mince and Regional Herbs resonated well with our tasting panel, and the dessert component of Gin Baba, Guava, Kaffir Lime Chantilly was actually an amazement due to its influx of taste and diversity! Yummy!

We left the BBQ Venue happy, elated and very satisfied!


There is no table service; guests collect their plates directly from the chefs and one can select your preferred arrival time: 11:00am, 12:30pm or 2:00pm. Each ticket holder will receive a redemption card to try all eight dishes, so long as they arrive before 2.30pm. Children below 12 can go in with parents and share the redemption card with the adult.

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