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Golden Peony Conrad Centennial Hotel

New Weekday Set Lunch Menu

Golden Peony reopens with a new menu that promises to take guests on an exciting gastronomic journey with premium ingredients prepared skilfully to bring out all its natural flavours. With Executive Chef Ku at the helm of the kitchen, you can be certain that the dishes are both authentic and nostalgic.

We dropped by on a weekday afternoon to try out the special set menu starting from $68++ per person.

We started off with some Long Jing and Pu Er Mandarin Peel tea served traditionally.

We were pleasantly surprised with a complimentary pre-appretizer of Bak Kwa and Century Egg coated in Salted Egg Crumbs. A pretty normal dish to stimulate the appetite.

We were served the 1st dish on the set menu.

特 色 伦 敦 鸭 两 味 拼 黑 天 鹅 酥 London’ Duck Pancake Roll, Parma Ham, Pineapple, Crispy Beancurd Skin Swan Pastry with Chili Crab Meat

Chef Ku’s plating and presentation was exquisite and meticulous. The combination of different umami flavours from the duck, parma ham and chili crab meat fused together seamlessly.

金 瓜 盅 螺 头 炖 竹 笙 干 贝 鲍 鱼 仔 汤 Double-boiled Baby Abalone Soup with Sea Whelk, Conpoy, Bamboo Pith in Mini Golden Pumpkin

The yardstick barometer of any Cantonese restaurant has to be the soup, just like the bread and butter dish of a zichar stall in a coffeshop is the humble Horfun. If the Horfun has no “wok hei” then there is no need to try the other dishes. Chef Ku’s doubled boiled soup was robust, well balanced and intense, yet does not overpower your senses with too much flavours.

湘 式 剁 椒 蒸 鲈 鱼 Steamed Sea Perch, Capsicum Preserved Chili

From the Cod family, the is an uber healthy dish brilliantly executed. It was steamed to perfection with the Capsicum Preserved Chili oozing with Umami flavours.

XO酱 蒙 古 黑 豚 肉 扒 Baked Kurobuta Pork with Bacon and XO Chili Sauce

Not any ordinary pork but a nice cut of Kurobuta, with the perfect balance of fats and meat. Any cut that is too lean will taste really dry and flat, and any cut that is too fatty will make you “jelak”. We reckon this prized cut may be the “Bu Jian Tian” or just under the pig’s armpit.

姜 葱 滑 蛋 大 头 虾 脆 面 球 Stewed River Prawn with Crispy Egg Noodle Ball, Ginger, Spring Onion and Egg Gravy

This is a different intepretation from the usual crispy “Yee mee” served at your neighbourhood zichar stalls. It takes some skill to deep fry the noodle and ensure it curls up and remains as a ball, before pouring the gravy in. The River Prawn was large, succulent, fresh, naturally sweet and juicy.

牛 油 果 香 草 雪 糕 拼 红 豆 椰 汁 糕 Chilled Cream of Avocado, Vanilla Ice Cream Red Bean, Coconut Pudding

Overall Verdict: An extremely good deal and value for money weekday set lunch at $68++ per person, for executive business meetings or quiet conversations.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Mondays) Lunch: 11:30 – 14:30 (The above set lunch is only available from Tuesday to Friday) Dinner: 18:30 – 22:30

Reservations are available and encouraged, adhering to the group size limit of 5 and below.

Golden Peony Level 3, Conrad Centennial Singapore Tel: 6432 7482/88 Email:

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