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For those of us who cannot resist the luxurious flavour and fragrant aroma of truffles, Ginett has specially curated a seasonal black truffle menu that will run from 6 August till 30 September 2018. Available for a limited time only, the menu will showcase only the freshest black truffles brought to Ginett’s kitchen straight from the farms down under, where they have been painstakingly cultivated and harvested during the Australian winter.

The menu comprises four delectable dishes and features four creative ways of enjoying this gourmet delicacy. For something lighter that still packs a heady punch, engage your tastebuds by having it deconstructed in Artichoke Jerusalem Velouté served with Black Truffle Espuma and Pain Brûlé or toasted bread that is slightly burnt – just so. Guests in the mood for something heartier might fancy the mouthwatering combination of Roasted Bresse Chicken served with Black Truffle Butter and Ratte Potatoes, where generous portions of black truffles are finely grated and folded into a smooth and creamy butter, intensifying the savoury flavours in a decadent take on a classic dish.

We dropped by one evening to sample the Black Truffle Showcase. We were offered a choice of ordering individual dishes but we were really hungry, so we opted to try every dish on the Truffle menu.

We started the evening with a Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute $19.

A thick and robust stock of creamy truffle that simply explodes in the palette and bursting with brilliant flavours.

We had the 62 deg celsius Slow Cooked Egg $24 next.

The appearance is definitely not Instagram worthy or pretty, but do not be deceived by its looks and its gooey appearance. The taste was really yummy and was well worth the $24 price tag.

Next up was the Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli $35.

This was a pretty ordinary dish and we felt the ravioli skin was just a tad too thick, and overpowered the black truffle filling.

We were served the Roasted Bresse Chicken next $42.

We were glad the chef used the thigh instead of chicken breast. The thigh was juicy and succulent, and was absolutely well marinated. We decided to try a few other dishes from their ala-carte menu to test the consistency of the chef’s cooking.

Oysters Fine de Claire

Fresh and juicy – the oysters were good enough to be eaten on its own without the sauce and condiments that came with it.

Next up was the Australian Angus Rib Eye 300g $44.

Well marinated and juicy on the bite. It was not overly dry unlike other establishments which rely on gravy and sauces to mask the dryness.

Kurobuta Chop 300g $34.

A classic Kurobuta pork chop brimming with natural flavours and juices. Served dry with no sauce but again needing no help from sauces. It stands on its own merit.

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Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ginett is a contemporary restaurant and wine bar in Singapore’s historic Arts District. Situated at 200 Middle Road, Ginett is a go-to destination for guests looking for a relaxing yet buzzy escape. Hearty European favourites, superb French wines from $6 a glass all day long, quick and easy set lunches and late weekend brunches, are all part of Ginett’s wide-ranging offering, making it a memorable and accessible experience for everyone.

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