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Ginett Lunar New Year Menu

Updated: Mar 16, 2021


Start The Lunar New Year On A High With Asian-Inspired French dishes

For the first time ever, Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar will be serving a Lunar New Year-inspired French menu. Paying homage to the festivities through incorporating auspicious ingredients with French techniques, this promotional menu will be available exclusively till 28 February 2021, for dinner only.

Five a la carte dishes will be available, ranging from a light and refreshing starter to hearty mains – there’s something for every palate to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

To start, a Hamachi Carpaccio served “Yu Sheng” Style ($26++) featuring Japanese

Yellowtail fillet, atop a colourful celebration of winter radish, pear and cucumber, and served with sour plum dressing to balance the buttery texture and bold flavours of the Hamachi. The crispy "pok pok" crackles in the mouth perfectly balanced with the dressing and flavours of the Yu Sheng.

For mains, poultry lovers can indulge in the Burgaud Challans Duck ($30++) marinated with pu-erh tea and Chinese five spice. Known for its rich and flavourful meat, the French duck breast is served with aged soy and charred baby leeks, an auspicious symbol of wealth.

Next, the Crispy Suckling Pig ($32++) served on a bed of pumpkin purée with sautéed

broccolini and tart kumquats, symbolic of gold and fortune. Prepared over the course of 2 days, the suckling pig belly is marinated overnight then followed by a slow confit for 6 hours to render some of the fat and tenderise the meat. The meat rests for 12 more hours before being roasted to crisp up the edges. The skin was thin and roasted to perfection, giving it a crackling crispiness on the palate. This had just the right ratio of fats to meat. Some other places serve suckling pig that is either too fatty or too meaty and lean which makes each bite really dry and bland.

For those who love pasta, indulge in a Grilled Lobster Tagliolini ($38++). House-made

tagliolini is cooked with garlic and chilli, XO sauce and topped with a charcoal-grilled Maine lobster. The lobster was fresh and well grilled, and the XO sauce was well mixed into the French rendition of our local "Mee Kia Tar".

Last but definitely not least, end your meal on a sweet note with the Pineapple Tarte Tatin

($15++) – this is Ginett’s spin on the famous French upside-down apple tart and the Lunar

New Year’s Ong Lai. Pineapple and cranberry jam is stuffed into puff pastry which is topped with caramelised pineapples, known to bring good luck, and served a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For reservations, please go to:

Or call +65 6809 7989

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