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Singapore, January 2017 – Clashing forces, dream cities and ancient traditions. FURLA’s S/S 2017 Women’s collection is a magnificent tribute to the journey, expressed in a harmonious line-up of varied shapes, materials and decorative details.

The sky’s the limit: FURLA’s S/S 2017 Women’s collection is a journey of boundless discovery. Knowledge and curiosity, as well as a keen appraisal of the world and all that it has to offer, guide the FURLA woman in her quest for harmony. In this collection, strength and beauty appear as clashing forces which nevertheless meld and complement one another. North and south collide, as do ancient traditions and the modern city lifestyle, the artisan’s touch and technological and industrial innovation.

These seemingly incongruous concepts are the inspiration underlying FURLA’s S/S 2017 Women’s collection. The uniqueness of every experience, the inner wealth that is gained through travel, the euphoric feeling of discovery, all come to life in a line-up that plays extensively with shapes and materials.

This is a collection that emphasizes detailed embellishments, with a masterful use of embroidery, lace, laser-cuts, and prints on lighter-and-more-supple-than-ever leather. All of these accessories were designed to follow the wearer’s natural movement. Tassels, fringe and knots are intertwined like memories, highlighting each product’s artisan touch while also revealing the best modern leather-working techniques.

The newest it-bag of FURLA’s S/S 2017 Women’s collection is the Amazzone bag. It is a shoulder strap bag designed like a portable trove for storing treasures collected on this boundless journey. First introduced in the Cruise Collection, with scalloped edges on the flap, today The bag features smooth edges, and comes in three different sizes: mini, small and medium, with practical handles in addition to the strap. In its most simple, everyday form, Amazzone comes in Ares brown leather. In its more elaborate versions, the bag is available in an animalier print (zebra and jaguar) or in a spring floral print on the Ares leather.

This season, the iconic FURLA Metropolis features an array of cultural references tied to international travel, from tribal-influenced floral prints on leather to the embroidery of the Girandola line, as well asthe all-over Vergolino, which is a type of precious woven textile. There are also more practical, everyday interpretations of the Metropolis in denim and monochrome leather, and futuristic twists in the inflatable Oxygen and PVC versions of the bag.

The collection also puts significant emphasis on backpacks, travel totes and reporter bags: these are accessories for people on-the-go. The tote bag dominates the line-up, from the classic, streamlined Aurora, available in an animalier version, to the new Lucky, a minimalist-chic handbag with stark, elegant lines, metal details and micro studs. The latter is available in a python print or in a two-toned colour-block version.

Dafne, the handbag that turns into a backpack, is the most functional and versatile of the bunch,. It is available in oasis calfskin in neutral grays, blues and browns, or in bright fuchsia.

The new Vittoria captures the collection’s contemporary flavor: it stands out for its sliding handle, which is made of Vit. Fleu Soft – an even more delicate version of the classic Vit. Fleu vegetable-tanned leather – and slips easily into the bag’s main compartment. It is available as a tote or a shoulder bag closed with a fine strap in front. Vittoria also comes with a matching clutch.

Brilliant citrus colour fairly explodes on the saffiano leather of the Stacy bucket bags, which are available in a new, laser-pierced calfskin in the S/S 2017 collection. Stacy is the most joyful bag on FURLA’s journey, simple, yet also spirited and youthful in appeal. It can be personalized with new spring charms: hearts and stars decorated with fringe, as well as a range of fun travel souvenirs.

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