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Formula One Singapore Grand Prix (Day 1): Thrilling Encounters

To spot the die-hard petrolheads, you can find them spending their time watching the track or having their eyes glued to the screens broadcasting the action from the pits. For Day 1, we saw a fair bit of action during the practice sessions from Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Ferrari Challenge and Formula One cars. Once again in Singapore, we saw Vettel make contact with the wall during his practice run.

Just for today, we decided to focus our attention on the off-track experiences. Throughout the day as each practice session came to a close, crowds started to swarm towards the stages located in various zones. There was never a dull moment as entertainers, decorative displays and activities kept guests entertained and maintained a heightened sense of excitement.

Car Displays


There was plenty to be excited about with the entertainment line-up for Day 1; Björn Again, THELIONCITYBOY, DJ JNR (of Matteblacc Collective), Ghetto Funk – Roché Apinsa & Ruben Chi (Netherlands), FLAME OZ, Sampa The Great, Bonesthemachine & Drewdollaz & Jay Chou (just to name a few).

Björn Again

Founded by Australian musicians John Tyrrell and Rod Stephen in 1988, Björn Again is the top ABBA tribute show and the most successful tribute band of all time. The stage lit up with their presence as they came out donned in retro costumes. As with any concert, it was all about the atmosphere, and Björn Again never failed to capture the audience with famous hits such as ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mamma Mia’. Their captivating performances even got some of the older folk in the crowd dancing

Bonesthemachine & Drewdollaz

From the beaches of L.A. to the streets of London and Paris (and now Singapore), we saw Steven Hill “flexing”—the dance fuses traditional hip-hop movements, freestyle, and contortion. Meet Bones the Machine, who was seen putting his unique dance style on the F1 circuit map. Steven was first given the name “Bones Crusher” because they couldn’t believe that his bones could pop out out like they do. But as his dance style evolved to be more mechanical, people started calling him “Bones the Machine.” Joining him in the performance was Drewdollaz who is a Professional Dancer, Movement Artist, Bonebreaking Choreographer and Dance Instructor. Drew built a reputation for himself as a battle dancer as he began his dance career on the underground dance scene in Brooklyn.

Jay Chou

Jay Chou wowed the crowd gathered at the Padang with his rap songs and high energy dance moves. As the night went on, the Mandopop king also serenaded the Padang with his love ballads. His performance even featured home-grown jazz singer Joanna Dong, whom he mentored last year in the reality music show Sing! China. Day 1 ended with a concert to remember as the whole performance was superbly produced with awesome acoustics and stunning visuals.

Check out the Insta-story highlights on our Instagram page (@RosetteMedia) for snapshots of Day 1.

We are looking forward to bringing you more coverage on Race Day!

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