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Do you "Dine Inn"?: Dine Inn Review by Mavis Ho

Do you “Dine Inn” ?An online food community marketplace for home-cooked meals launched end January 2017.

Who wouldn’t love a home-cooked meal? However, with our fast-paced lifestyle and busy work schedules, we really do not have the luxury of time to learn cooking or whip up our own meals. Come 2017, you may want to start saying, “Let’s Dine Inn”.

“Dine Inn” is a start-up venture by Singapore’s favourite Celebrity Chef, Mr Eric Teo and F&B industry veteran, Mr Luke Lee Chek Wee. A concept similar to Airbnb and Grab, Dine Inn is an online platform which connects the makers and lovers of food. This means that if you love cooking, you can be a host on Dine Inn. Similarly, if you love trying a variety of food, you can be a guest on Dine Inn. At just one click away, we can now enjoy a gastronomical home-cooked meal by hosts who are sincere in sharing their craft for cooking.

Dining in with “Dine Inn” is flexible. Made-to-order meals can be customised to individual needs or preferences. One can choose to dine in at the host’s place or hire the host to cook at their own homes. At the same time, they can also choose to self-collect their meals or have them delivered. Guests’ bookings are confirmed instantly and online payment will only be made 72 hours after the meal if there are no issues. There are currently 200 hosts (as at November 2016) of different ethnic backgrounds and this allows for a variety of food experiences.

The home chefs go through a stringent process before being confirmed as hosts of “Dine Inn”. The “Dine Inn” team goes to every home to ensure that the venue is apt and the cuisine is suitable. Hosts must also complete the Basic Food Hygiene Course (approved by Singapore Workforce Development Agency) and obtain a Statement of Attainment (SOA). This is to ensure that every guest has a wonderful “Dine Inn” experience.

We had the privilege to be invited to a media experience on 1 Dec 2016. Upon reaching the apartment, we were warmly greeted by our hosts with a complimentary welcome drink. We mingled with other Dine Inn guests and made new friends. After getting to know the other guests, we were invited to the dining table to start our hearty dinner. For every dish, the hosts passionately explained their art. It was interesting as we got to understand the how the ingredients complemented one another. We’ll leave the food pictures to speak for themselves.

It was a truly wonderful experience as we got to make new friends and appreciate the hosts’ craft in cooking.

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