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Deliciously Ella

Rose, Lime & Cucumber - Facial Wash and Moisturiser

Neal’s Yard Remedies is excited to launch a beautiful new skincare collection formulated in partnership with global wellness warrior, Ella Mills, creator of the award winning Deliciously Ella lifestyle blog and author of Amazon’s number one bestselling book of 2015!

Ella is a pioneer of the global wellness movement, inspiring her readers to live the healthiest, happiest lives possible through delicious plant based recipes and positive lifestyle choices – something Neal’s Yard Remedies has been passionate about for 35 years.

“As I became more conscious about what I was putting into my body, I started thinking more and more about what I was using on my skin. If my recipes contained only the best ingredients, why shouldn’t my skincare? With this in mind, I wanted to create a line of natural skincare products that made looking and feeling your best as easy as possible. I’ve always loved Neal’s Yard Remedies, so working together was the natural choice. I’m so excited to launch my new Rose Lime & Cucumber Collection, a simple daily skincare routine which is packed with some of my favourite organic ingredients to help every skin type achieve a naturally radiant glow.” Ella Mills

The collection launches with Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash to gently cleanse and remove impurities, and Rose, Lime and & Cucumber Moisturiser to nourish all skin types.

Both products have been formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients. Organic rose and lime essential oils infused with cucumber water and antioxidant-rich blueberries and acai to enhance a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

Key ingredients

Organic Lime Essential Oil: Known for its astringent properties, helping to tone the skin, as well as adding a deliciously, zesty scent!

Cucumber Water: Helps to moisturize the skin as well provide refreshing and soothing benefits.

Organic Rose Essential Oil: Rose helps to balance, hydrate and nurture the skin, while also calming the mind.

Blueberry Oil: One of nature’s most potent antioxidants, helping to protect from environmental pollution and damage caused by free radicals.

Acai Fruit Oil: One of the most nutrient rich fruits in the world, packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and essential fatty acids which work together to help fight the first signs of ageing.

Turmeric: Used since ancient times to help boost skin’s natural radiance, turmeric helps to leave skin even-toned, soft, and supple.

Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash S$46/100ml

Rose, Lime and & Cucumber Moisturiser S$62 /100ml

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