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Come and Taste" at Long Chim Singapore

Long Chim, David Thompson’s Thai street food restaurant, soon turns one and is now firmly established at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Long Chim means to ‘come and taste’. Long Chim serves real Thai street food. The kitchen resounds with the clash of woks and the beating rhythm of the pestle as it hits the mortar. Alluring aromas fill the room, compelling all to come and taste.


Kanom Jin Noodles are classic lunchtime noodles served with curry-like sauces and a basket of vegetables. We prepare a variety of such sauces to dress our kanom jin including nahm yaa gai – a sauce made from chicken, wild ginger and chilli.

The night brings forth spicier dishes. Pat bai grapao for instance – a pungent stir-fry of beef with holy basil, garlic and chillies. This is the food that many Thais miss the most when away from home, especially when served with a fried egg and some rice. Eating our pat bai grapao makes you feel like you’re in Bangkok. And that’s just what we want.

Another popular dish is the gentle Sour Orange Curry of snakehead fish, which is not commonly seen outside of Thailand. The Dtom Yam Snapper is a golden soup of chillies, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves; a perfect companion to such a mild curry.

Back in the realms of the familiar our Green Beef Curry, perfumed with chillies, cumin, cardamom and Thai basil, is spicy and is served unusually with roti rather than rice.

David’s favourite place in the kitchen is manning the woks cooking noodles, whether charred, blanched or stir-fried. Come and taste the Charred Noodles with Pork – rat naa moo – the flat rice noodles cooked until smoky and mahogany in colour and topped with a sauce made from soy beans, broccoli and pork.

A notorious standout is Long Chim’s hottest dish, Larp Chiang Mai, a northern take on the Thai classic. This dish is fragrant, very spicy and includes minced chicken and a grenade of spices including three types of pepper and dried chilli, served mercifully with cabbage leaves. A dish to satisfy the pang of Thais longing for home – and now for the intrepid diner too.

Our Banana Roti is addictive and no wonder given the sugar, condensed milk and bananas. Unfriendly to some, a mistress to others, our Durian Ice Cream is beguiling: rich, creamy and opulent – a pleasure for consenting adults.

These are just a few of the dishes on Long Chim’s menu that make people want to come and taste our food.


The cocktails at Long Chim are as good as the food. Try the Thai Pisco – a combination of dry vermouth with Chilean brandy, watermelon and plum bitters – a great drink to ease you in to Long Chim and the meal to come. Made from dark and white rum shirred with pineapple, mandarin and fresh coconut cream, BPK (aka Bangkok Pain Killer) does exactly what it promises. Or Tor Kor Mule has a kick of vodka infused with kaffir lime, yuzu syrup and ginger beer: a perfect drink to send you into the late night.

In between meals? Long Chim has it covered whether it is for a catch up drink or a bite to eat with friends.

Opening Times

Long Chim Singapore is open 7 days a week. Lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm. Dinner from 5.30pm to 11.00pm. Our bar is open from 11.30am until midnight.

No reservation, no problem. Long Chim welcomes walk-in customers.

Atrium 2, L2-02 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands +65 6688 7299 Instagram: long.chim Facebook: long_chim_singapore

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