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Bulgogi Syo

Updated: May 21, 2023

A New Fiery Dining Experience at their Second Outlet at Woodleigh Mall

Bulgogi Syo, the brand new dining concept by the K-BBQ Artisans at Seorae announces their second outlet at Woodleigh Mall, opening on 9 May 2023. The second Bulgogi Syo restaurant comes fast at the heels of their well-received first Bulgogi Syo outlet at Bugis Junction, which opened on 9 April 2023.

Bulgogi Syo brings to Singapore a brand new dining experience where the Perfect Fire (Bul) and Perfect Meat (Gogi) comes together to offer the Perfect Experience (Syo/Show). Founded by the team behind renowned K-BBQ brand Seorae in Singapore and inspired by Seorae’s Korean Founder, Chul Park, Bulgogi Syo aims to deliver a unique experience when it comes to both experiential dining and big flavours. The restaurant showcases a carefully curated menu that highlights the finest cuts of meat, prepared to perfection over an open flame.

"My team and I have spent years experimenting with different approaches to perfect the grilling process. The best meat quality and the best marinade are not enough. Journey to perfection comes with an obsession with the art of fire,” says Chef Chul Park, the founder of Seorae.

Our tasting panel were taken through the auspices of their unique 3-step process, which consisted of Sear, Torch and Flambé, and were thoroughly impressed and delighted with the methodology and technique used in delivering the final Syo product! Yummy!

UNIQUE BULGOGI SYO THREE-STEP PROCESS So Bulgogi Syo developed a three-step process of SEAR, TORCH and FLAMBÉ for cooking meat. This process delivers unparalleled flavour and flair to the finest meat cuts, bringing an unexpected twist on flavours familiar to all lovers of K-BBQ.

1. SEAR: meats are first seared on large hotstone pans imported from Korea to seal in the juices and flavour

2. TORCH: Bulgogi Syo’s Fire Masters use a larger-than-life blowtorch (our Fire Blasters) capable of delivering temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees to give our meats that perfect char and color.

3. FLAMBÉ: Our Syo Specials are specially flambéed tableside for the perfect show and aroma. Served on personal hotpans carefully heated up to 180 degrees, the Syo Specials are then specially dressed with a special essence before Fire Masters set it alight right in front of guests. This brings an additional dimension of flavours to the meats. We suggest consuming immediately after the flames die down.

Customers can expect an immersive dining experience with an Open Kitchen and Tableside flambé, as well as celebratory moments like the Birthday Spe-Syo.

“We’ve designed Bulgogi Syo as a dining experience to be shared with your loved ones and friends, says Ms Wilyawati Tjiu, the founder and Managing Director of Seonggong Prestige Pte Ltd, Brand Owner of Seorae, Bulgogi Syo and Pocha! in Singapore. “With something to tantalise all your senses, we hope that Bulgogi Syo will become a top choice for Singaporeans to gather and celebrate key moments in life, or even for an everyday treat.”

BULGOGI SYO MENU HIGHLIGHTS Bulgoi Syo’s menu draws on our heritage of Korean BBQ and features carefully selected meats paired with specially concocted Korean-inspired sauces for the best flavour combinations.

Sauce selections include spicy options like Spicy Jeyuk and Gochujang sauce, and a non-spicy option of Apple Hangari sauce, made from sauces typically made in a Korean Hangari (Korean fermenting vessel).

1. The Syo Specials Bulgogi Syo recommends that all tables order a Syo Special for the full Bulgogi Syo Sear Torch Flambé Experience. All Syo Specials come with a bowl of seaweed rice.

- Angus Beef Tenderloin Buttery and delicate lean meat, a must for beef lovers - Pork Baby Back Ribs Sous vide juicy baby back ribs, served with our very own Gochujang sauce - Duroc Pork Belly A perfect combination of pork and fat - our special Duroc pork belly in Apple Hangari or Spicy Jeyuk sauce - Sharing Combos (Best for 2-3 pax) Sharing combos come with two seaweed rice and a free Jjigae worth $16.90. Choose from Kimchi Jjigae, Tteok Mandu Jjigae or Chadol Beanpaste Jjigae.

Pork Combo: 500g of Pork Baby Back Ribs, Duroc Pork Belly and and Pork Collar with the option of Apple Hangari or Spicy Jeyuk sauce

Mixed Combo: 500g of Angus Striploin, Pork Collar and Chicken. Choose from Apple Hangari or Spicy Jeyuk sauce for the pork collar and Apple Hangari or Gochujang sauce for the chicken.

2. Personal Hotstones All Personal Hotstones items are first seared and torched in the Open Kitchen before being served on a personal hot stone specially heated up to 180 degrees. Served with seaweed rice.

Bulgogi Syo recommends: - Don Jju Jju and Woo Jju Jju Juicy Pork Belly (Don Jju Jju) / Beef Shortplate (Woo Jju Jju) with chewy squid cooked with Kongnamul (beansprouts) in Spicy Jeyuk sauce

3. Korean Favourites Try one of Bulgogi Syo’s Korean comfort favorites - Jjigaes, Ramyeon, Pancakes and more! Bulgogi Syo recommends: - Seafood Jjampong Mussels, prawns, and squid in Korean spicy seafood broth

- Bacon Kongnamul Pancake Bacon and beansprouts pancake - a new creation specially developed for Bulgogi Syo.

Bulgogi Syo is a new dining concept founded by Seonggong Prestige Pte Ltd, Brand Owner of Seorae, Pocha! And now Bulgogi Syo. With two outlets in Bugis Junction and Woodleigh Mall. the restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience that combines perfect fire (BUL) and perfect meat (GOGI) to create the perfect experience (SYO).

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