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Boneless & Juicy Turkey by Garden Slug

No carving skills? No worries. Turkeys are now boneless, juicy and fuss-free.

The Garden Slug has released a new line of fuss-free Christmas centrepieces that are not only boneless and juicy, but come cloth-wrapped the old-fashioned way.

There is the 5KG Honey and Rosemary-rubbed Turkey Breast Ham with a spiced red wine and winter berry sauce, and the 5KG Belly Jolly Fork-tender Lemongrass Pulled Pork Ham with stewed apples, pears and carrots. Half sizes of each are also available. These are accompanied by an array of hearty dishes inspired by fresh garden flavours, and rustic log cakes made with only all-natural ingredients.

Joseph Lim, owner and executive chef, claims, “Home and office gatherings will never be the same. Time with people is precious. Time with people away from mobile phones? Even more so. This season, you’ll get to spend at least an extra 62 minutes with people who really matter, without having to fuss over rubbing, roasting and carving a turkey. Additionally, we’ve created a lemongrass pork ham centrepiece that comes to you whole but falls apart at the mere touch of a fork. No knives needed!”

These ‘Christmas Kits’, as they are called, also feature the restaurant’s signature party trays, such as the Slow-cooked Red Wine Beef Casserole, and Fall-off-the-bone Babyback Pork Ribs with slow-simmered hickory barbecue sauce. Delivery, disposable tableware and other service costs are waived for early bird orders.

To learn more about the mouth-watering centrepieces and Christmas Kits, or to place an early order, contact Aaron at 92257913 or email, or visit the website at

About The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug was established in 2006 by Joseph Lim and Aaron D’Cruz with the purpose of bringing to the Singapore food scene a dining experience they’d always craved for: rustic, unpretentious food, big portions, and most importantly – service from the heart. Their love for animals also means that TGS will always be a pet-friendly place, and they regularly lend support to not-for-profit animal shelters in Singapore.


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