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Blancpain 65th Anniversary

The team at Rosette graced the 65th Anniversary of Blancpain together with @blancpain #Blancpain Ambassador Imran Ahmad at Trapizza.

Blancpains holds the distinction of being the first modern diver’s watch, and it’s Fifty Fathoms collection embodies the Blancpain’s passion for the marine world. Introduced in 1953 with the creation of the first modern diver’s watch, they have worked alongside divers, scientists and underwater photographers in their exploration and discovery of the awe-inspiring beauty of the oceans, contributing to the revelations of our fascinating world and the motivation to protect it.

All the Fifty Fathoms models bear the principal distinctive characteristics that forge the unique and special reputation of their legendary ancestor and establish it as the archetypal diver’s watch. Marc A. Hayek, Blancpain’s President & CE shared in a sincere message to us that “the continuation of the Fifty Fathoms' role is to open up the underwater world and that Blancpain has been supporting those who raised awareness of related oceanic issues and especially those who convey a positive message in inspiring the beauty of what's intact in the oceans.

From the birth of their legendary Fifty Fathoms which made its mark as the world’s first modern diving watch, defining the genre ever since, they have established intimate connections with the world’s oceans and the communities dedicated to their preservation.

Working closely with passionate divers, leading scientists, underwater explorers, environmentalists, and photographers, their mission has grown far beyond the creation of the world’s finest diving timepieces. They have come to understand and support vital initiatives aimed at ocean preservation and the building of public understanding of the cause.

Their ocean preservation efforts are summarized with what they term as the Blancpain Ocean Commitment to which they have devoted substantial resources.


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