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Beluga Club

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Bringing Iran’s Finest to Asia Founded by AJ Jami, the Beluga Club aims to deliver caviar of the highest calibre – the Iranian caviar – to connoisseurs and curious foodies with an appetite for something new. They are also partnering with dining and hospitality establishments who have incorporated this delicacy into their menu and services. Our shop and tasting room is based in Singapore. Customers may arrange for personal deliveries for their purchase, or drop by for a tasting session or personalised consultation. They also deliver our products across Southeast Asia.

Beluga – Caviar’s True Royalty A prized crown jewel with no equal, the Beluga caviar commands the highest value due to its rarity and exquisite qualities. This highly coveted jewel of the sea is harvested from the Beluga sturgeons (Huso Huso). Native to the Caspian Sea, Huso Husois among the largest of its kind – weighing up to 2,000 pounds and reaching more than 15 feet in length.

Taking up to 25 years to mature, harvesting the roe is a delicate craft that requires both time-honed expertise and patience at every step.

Yet the bounty is well worth the wait. An all-around stunner, the pearl-sized roe is a dazzling sight to behold with colours ranging from light to dark gray. The grains pop easily in the mouth, releasing a burst of distinctive flavours. Each spoonful is a sumptuous feast for the discerning palate.

Only the Purest Quality Matters The Beluga Club’s collection originates from the true birthplace of Beluga sturgeons – the Caspian Sea. Caviar derived from this region is widely regarded as the cream of the crop – vastly superior to varieties from farms outside the region.

Caviar-making is an artisanal tradition like no other. Borne through countless generations by masters of the trade, a sensitive touch is required to reserve its firmness, texture and integrity. To ensure its quality, caviar producers must comply with food safety laws and the rigorously monitored CITES programme. Their sturgeons are raised within a large enclosed area within the Caspian Sea and moved inside the facility once reaching egg-bearing age. In addition to periodical monitoring, an ultrasound scan is carried out to determine the perfect time for extraction. Once ready, the roe is extracted within minutes in an ethical manner.

The process of producing caviar is largely standardised worldwide, but it takes true heritage to elevate its potential to the highest level. Indeed, the quality of caviar is a reflection of its maker and the craftsmanship of their Iranian caviar artisans is unequalled.

The Sustainable Way - Their Responsibility

They are committed to doing their business in an ethically and ecologically responsible manner. This entails choosing a partner with a proven track record in sustainable sturgeon farming. Their caviar is imported from SHILAT, an Iranian state-owned fisheries company, ensuring full governmental oversight. As part of Iran’s ongoing sustainability programme, it releases millions of young fingerlings from its network of hatcheries and ponds into the sea annually. These efforts in conservation and policing have been positively noted by CITES.

Iran also is the only country in the Caspian region with an approved export quote of Farmed Beluga and Ossetra Caviar given by CITES.

At every part of the value chain, Beluga Club maintain the highest standards possible. Operations on the farm are carried out with modern processing and packaging equipments in line with the EC approval Code (610). From processing to packaging to storing and transportation, every step adheres to the sanitary code set by the Iran Veterinary Organization. They will continue to stay true to their environmental goal: preserving the Beluga population at a healthy, sustainable level by doing their business the right way.

The Beluga Collection

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