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Bang & Olufsen announces its collaboration with Google on Google Cast

Singapore, 22 June 2016

Bang & Olufsen announces a collaboration with Google and brings Google CastTM* to the Bang & Olufsen ́s all-in-one wireless music system: BeoSound 35 and BeoSound Essence (2nd generation), a one touch music control.

The Wi-Fi based Google CastTM technology lets you enjoy entertainment streaming services such as Spotify**, Deezer and TuneIn directly casted to the network speaker BeoSound 35 or via a BeoSound Essence. You simply tap the Cast button on your favorite mobile music app to start playing music from your Bang & Olufsen product.

Google CastTM enables you to enjoy music directly from the cloud instead of music playing from your device, risking disrupting your music experience with text messages or phone calls. As a bonus this saves battery on your device. Using Google CastTM everybody is a DJ, where ease of use and great sound quality gives the consumer an optimal music experience on their Bang & Olufsen products.

Google CastTM will be available via a software push end of June, and will be prompted directly to existing customers. Beside Google CastTM, Bang & Olufsen products support Apple AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth and BeoLink Multiroom, making it possible to choose between various streaming technologies.

* In markets where the Google Cast technology is available. Google Cast is a trademark of Google Inc.

** Coming soon.

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