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Anne Fontaine


For Autumn-Winter 2016 season, Anne Fontaine has created a collection based on three strong themes: Retro-Graphic, Dark Romanticism and the house signature of the masculine/feminine wardrobes. Versatility is at the heart of the collection. Transparency and silhouettes encourage layering as well as combining pieces in innovative ways. Collars and sleeves are detachable to dress up or dress down. Custom created motifs are adopted in various techniques and forms. It is clear that Anne Fontaine really enjoys creating clothing for a complete wardrobe.

The Autumn-Winter season epitomizes glamour, with velvet making its comeback into our wardrobes channeling the era of romanticism. The collection offers the royal fabric in every form – pleats, burnouts, panels, embroidery and yokes.

Anne Fontaine features femininity through a play of transparency and the use of luxurious materials such as lace, leather, fur, silk and organza primarily in her PRECIEUSES collection. It is composed of blouses, skirts, dresses and coats, increasingly elegant creations with motifs meticulously designed in her Honfleur workshop.

Inspired heavily by Mother Nature, intricate floral and snake motifs are custom created for the collection, and adopted using various techniques of embroidery, appliqué, burnouts, macramé and couching. Anne Fontaine proposes creations in a mix of fur, animal and plant prints with geometric forms on sweaters, collars, bags and stoles.

Hints of Pearl Grey, Jaguar grey, Ruby and Anemone play alongside the Anne Fontaine signature colors of contrasting black and white.

The accessories, and notably the shoes take on increasingly more importance and their motifs reflect perfectly the ready-to-wear collection. Retro-Geometrics and floral prints, leather and snake-effect, bees and other insects are found on belts, bags and cufflinks.

The iconic Anne Fontaine Collars have a special place in every collection. This season they come in a variety of contrasts – organza and lace, geometric and floral, feather and sparkles. Versatility being key; they also transform to become caps. You can play endlessly with this season’s pieces to create new looks.

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