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ALODD — the new Singapore-based, Italian-made men’s footwear and accessories brand — is proud to announce the opening of its flagship Singapore boutique at The Centrepoint.

ALODD’s primary mission, says founder Aldo Lipari (formerly the CEO of Bally Southeast Asia / Oceania) is to provide customers with a winning combination of“Quality, Style and Comfort — ALODD’s cornerstones.”

“Our beautifully designed shoes are handmade in Italy to the absolute highest standards,” says Lipari. “But by eliminating many of the unnecessary overheads that major brands are subject to, we’re able to deliver a product that presents far greater value than what you’d find on the shelves at most ‘luxury’ boutiques.”

Though ALODD’s footwear is exquisitely crafted by Italian artisans, utilising time honoured, traditional shoemaking techniques, Lipari shies from ‘the L word’. The term ‘luxury’, he says, “is so overused, and often just equates to an excess of gloss and marketing.”

Unlike most European footwear, which is created for the European customer and climate, ALODD shoes are designed and built with the Asian gentleman in mind. Having spent the past six years residing in Singapore, catering to the demands of the local market, Lipari says, “I’m very much at home in the Asia Pacific / Southeast Asia region and have a strong understanding of what the customer here wants, what the climate and lifestyle require. But I’m also Italian, with an immense appreciation for quality and craftsmanship.

All these elements combine in ALODD shoes — as stylish as they are comfortable.

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