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A Polysensorial Reconnection

Be Unique, Be Free, Be your Scent

Parisian haute perfumery brand, Maison 21G, presents “A Polysensorial Reconnection” that showcases a one-of-a-kind immersive experience in Singapore.

Presented by Maison 21G in collaboration with three prominent local artistes to illustrate the story behind each olfactive family, this amazing multi-sensory exhibition shines the spotlight on the works of photographer Lee Yik Keat, digital illustrator André Wee as well as DJ and producer MYRNE.

Each multidisciplinary artist has brought to life their artistic interpretations of 5 iconic

accords Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus and Amber, curated by Maison 21G Founder and Master Scent Designer, Johanna Monange.

An exclusive blend of Woody and Floral families inspired by Andre’s digital illustration, La Création, is also showcased at this exhibition.

A Special collection of the 6 curated perfumes - Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus, Amber, La Création will be available for purchase in 30ml EDP (SGD 150) and 100ml EDP (SGD 320). The bottle design featured 6 different languages which highlighted where Maison 21G has retail presences, and this signifies the diversity of the brand. These perfumes will be sold exclusively at Duxton Flagship Boutique and Marina Bay Sands Boutique.

The Maison 21G Polysensorial Reconnection Perfume Collection comprise the following :-


QUINTESSENCE: Explore a realm of exquisite finesse that transports you to the Jardins de Bagatelle in the springtime, where the essence of romance radiates. This fragrance is a quintessentially natural Parisian ‘Ce je ne sais quoi.’


AMBROSIAL. Breathe and dive deeply into sharp, clean, fresh and uplifting notes of Aquatic. Both timeless and breathlessly modern, it’s an expression of laid-back freshness - an irresistible ‘Jardin de curé’.


ARBORESCENT. Uncover the earthy scent of the forest, the grounding feeling that comes from connecting to your roots. Vibrant notes of woody accord are intensified by the depth of a dark and animalic oud. A powerful essence of nature!


SUNSHINE. Delight in sparkling energy and playfulness, the vibrance of the Tuscan sunshine, and days spent frolicking on Mediterranean beaches. Discover the essence of freedom and unbridled Italian joy.


AMBER. Luxuriate in a scent as hypnotic as it is irresistible, conjuring opulent sensations and hidden rituals. Envelope yourself in sensuality, inviting the heat of skin intimacy and potent dreams of passion. An addictive blend providing seduction and oriental mystery in equal measures.


LA CRÉATION. Envelope yourself in an attitude of minimalist sophistication. Strip away the excess, leaving a silken essence of stark white light and crystalline air upon the skin. This potion leads each moment with pristine modernist design.

This unique exhibition, putting all senses together will be open to public from the 10 to 25

November 2022. It will be on display exclusively at Maison 21G’s Duxton Flagship Boutique during its first week, before relocating to the brand’s Marina Bay Sands Boutique on the second week, allowing more visitors to experience this unique polysensorial exhibition, for the first time ever in Singapore.

The Polysensorial Reconnection illustrates yet another creative platform for Maison 21G and exerts to push the boundaries of creativity and bespoke perfume creative sensorial experiences, indeed, to educate your noses and to inspire one to express yourself by designing your signature scent in total freedom.

C'est La Vie! C'est la Experience du Maison 21G!

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