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Xifu (囍福) Collection

999 Pure Gold Xifu (囍福) Collection: The highly-coveted Xifu Collection has been a must-have for Chinese wedding couples

SINGAPORE, 22 February 2017 | SK Jewellery is extremely proud to launch the premium 999 Pure Gold Xifu (囍福) Collection.

The Xifu Collection boldly redefines the art and culture of Si Dian Jin (four-piece jewellery set given by the groom’s mother to the bride as betrothal gift) through innovative, never-before-seen design, top-notch craftsmanship and the use of highest quality 999 Pure Gold.

“We are very happy to launch the Xifu Collection. As the market-leading jeweller for 999 Pure Gold, we are pleased to offer yet another premium Si Dian Jin collection to our valued customers,” said Mr. Daniel Lim, CEO, Soo Kee Group.

He added, “As gold traditionally symbolises success and auspiciousness, the gift of Xifu Si Dian Jin not only embraces the significance of meaningful wedding custom in modern times, but also represents the purest and most heartfelt blessings. I am certain that the Xifu Si Dian Jin will be loved and cherished within the family for ages to come.”

Mr. Roland Wong, Managing Director, World Gold Council, China said, “We are delighted to introduce the Xifu Collection to wedding couples and consumers in Singapore with SK Jewellery, a passionate advocate and an innovative and trusted jeweller for 999 Pure Gold. I am certain the launch would herald an exciting new era for the 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin market in Singapore.”

A premium 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin brand, the Xifu Collection is conceptualised to honour Chinese wedding traditions with a contemporary approach. The Chinese character for double happiness (囍) and that for good fortune (福) form the brand name and conveys a joyous reverence for the sacred union between a man and a woman, the blessings from parents and the exuberant celebration of the momentous event.

Inspired by love and conjugal bliss, the Xifu Collection comprises a wide range of Si Dian Jin sets, ranging from traditional sets featuring the revered motif of dragon and phoenix to ultra-sleek and modern sets with stylised interpretation of elegant flowers such as lilies and plum blossoms.

Handmade by master craftsmen using laser technology, every single Xifu piece is a study in unparalleled mastery, skill and artistry. The craftsmen are known for utilising various technology, such as rainbow gold and gold sparkles, and different finishes on a single piece of jewellery. These not only showcases the versatility of 999 Pure Gold but also make the carvings on the Si Dian Jin appear exceptionally three-dimensional and life-like. Each regal Si Dian Jin also looks larger than its actual weight due to clever design and top-notch craftsmanship.

A signature of the Collection is the special Si Dian Jin sets that are adorned with gemstones such as top-quality He Tian jade, pearls and garnets. These gemstone-set Si Dian Jin are extremely rare, as it is very challenging to set gemstones in 999 Pure Gold, a soft metal. Hence it requires only the most experienced craftsmen to create these magnificent Si Dian Jin sets.

Be it modern or traditional, every Si Dian Jin set features astounding details that tell meaningful matrimonial stories and beautifully convey the giver’s blessings to the new couple.

One of the most unique, breathtaking and sought-after pieces in the stellar Collection is the Golden Rays of Sun (藏龙舞凤) bangle. At first glance, the statement bangle is stylishly chic with a smooth matte gold surface that glows ever so subtly. The secret, however, lies in the inside of the bangle. Carved three-dimensionally is a pair of majestic dragon and phoenix, symbolising the perfect match of the new couple and marital bliss. Despite the small surface area and the challenge of carving on the inside, the details on the mystical pair are simply stunning, in which each scale and feather is accurately and lovingly represented. This masterpiece is absolutely perfect for fashion-forward brides, who appreciate the seamless union of tradition and modernity, and the smart juxtaposition of classic and contemporary design.

The Double Happiness (喜结连理) Si Dian Jin set also defies convention with its unexpected pop of colour and chic simplicity. Inspired by the Chinese character for double happiness (囍), the set is crafted with 999 Pure Gold and sparkling rubies, which are in auspicious red. In addition, the set features a ring bracelet, which symbolises the eternal bond between husband and wife.

For the bride who loves lavish and intricate design, the majestic Flight of Nobility (百鸟朝凤) necklace is a pure work of art that she will love for many years to come. An elegant phoenix takes centre stage, as she is surrounded by a pair of fully-blossomed peonies and serenaded by other feathered creatures. The phoenix represents the regal bride, whose beauty and strength shine amongst her other virtues, while the peonies symbolises the bliss and good fortune that await the lovely bride in her new life.

The Golden Rays of Sun (藏龙舞凤) bangle, Flight of Nobility (百鸟朝凤) necklace and the Double Happpiness (喜结连理) Si Dian Jin set are displayed at SK Jewellery Transcending Gold The Perfect Union event, along with other dazzling pieces. The grand celebration marks the official launch of the 999 Pure Gold Xifu Collection with a spectacular fashion presentation, featuring wedding dresses and Si Dian Jin from past to present.

Also unveiled for the first time at the event are a series of original artwork commissioned by SK Jewellery and inspired by the three letters in the traditional wedding practice Three Letters and Six Etiquettes (三书六礼). In charge of the art direction is President’s Design Award winner Mr. Theseus Chan and the illustration is done by graphic designer and illustrator Ms Wu Yanrong.

The 999 Pure Gold Xifu Collection is now available at all SK Jewellery showrooms.


About SK Jewellery

SK JEWELLERY, Singapore’s leading 999 Pure Gold and premium diamond jeweller, has been creating beautifully crafted jewellery with meaningful stories since 2003.

Staying true to its philosophy “You Deserve to Shine”, SK JEWELLERY is committed to make beautiful and luxurious jewellery accessible to all women. The brand is also relentlessly dedicated to innovation and design excellence, and quickly become known as the contemporary jeweller famed for its high quality and exquisite jewellery.

As the industry leader who was the first to launch 999 Pure Gold jewellery in 2012 in Singapore, SK JEWELLERY boldly combines art and tradition, and marries innovative state-of-the-art technology with top-notch craftsmanship to create the most stunning 999 Pure Gold jewellery pieces and items available in the market today. With its immensely popular 999 Pure Gold bridal collection and creative gift series, the jeweller has revived great interest in the precious metal, and re-defined the art of gifting with its intricate jewellery that is conceptualised with inspirational stories behind each and every piece.

SK JEWELLERY is one of the pioneer jewellers in Singapore to make diamond and white gold jewellery accessible to all women. Putting quality first, the brand crafts jewellery with high-quality diamonds, with each one carefully appraised and certified by professional gemmologists to guarantee that customers are presented with only the best. Customers are also assured of the highest standard with SK JEWELLERY’s resolute partnership with some of the best global partners in the diamond industry.

A progressive brand that embraces the best of past, present and future, SK JEWELLERY has grown to offer customers ground-breaking new products, which resonate with them on the sentimental level. Each and every product is thoughtfully created, and is set to revolutionize the way customers perceive how contemporary jewellery marries art and tradition. Made to be loved, cherished and passed on for generations, each SK JEWELLERY piece is truly Beautifully Crafted, Meaningfully Told.

SK JEWELLERY is the largest jewellery retail chain store in Singapore, with presence in Malaysia. The brand has won various awards and accolades over the years including the JNA Brand of the Year Award, Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Influential Brands Award, to name a few. SK Jewellery is a subsidiary of Soo Kee Group, a public listed company in Singapore. Soo Kee Group Ltd was founded in 1991 and has an established presence of over 20 years in Singapore and over a decade in Malaysia.

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