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Web3 Fiesta

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

DIFY's Inaugural Web3 Fiesta: A Confluence of Web3 Innovation and Networking

IFY, a Web3-focused communications agency, is proud to present its inaugural Web3 Fiesta, a powerful show of innovation in the Web3 space and a networking extravaganza which brought together industry leaders, blockchain enthusiasts, prominent Web3 investors and VC firms.

The Web3 Fiesta kicked off on 13 September at the bustling location of Robertson Walk, 11 Unity St, coinciding with the premier Token2049 crypto event that happened in the same week. The highly anticipated event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 500 attendees who engaged in lively discussions while enjoying a complimentary spread of food and beverages.

Part of DIFY’s ongoing IP series, the Web3 Fiesta featured a stellar list of GameFi projects and Web3 companies. Notable sponsors and co-hosts for the event include (in no particular order):

Immutable Games, Tezos, TZ APAC, Gods Unchained, Metalcore, Shardbound, Guilds of Guardians, Infinite Victory, Avocado DAO, Dreams Quest, Star Symphony, MetaOne, UKISS, Sleek, 2MR Labs, 2 DAO 3, Alibaba Cloud, and Searce.

Farquhar Venture Capital is the exclusive Platinum sponsor for DIFY’s Web3 Fiesta. Farquhar Venture Capital, together with Arcane Group, led EMERGE Group’s seed funding round in March 2023, which successfully raised US$2.2 million through a consortium of investors. It is important to highlight that EMERGE Group is a sister company of DIFY, and both entities frequently join forces on strategic projects, with a particular focus on Web3 and Esports industries.

DIFY’s yearly Web3 Fiesta promises to bring a diverse array of Web3 projects for dynamic discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities. Forge invaluable connections and gain insights from some of the brightest minds in the industry - join us in 2024 and shape the future of blockchain at DIFY’s Web3 Fiesta!


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