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Safemoon INU X Rosette Media

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Safemoon INU organized a crypto marketing campaign recently and a team of Rosette Media Influencers were deployed to assist in the promotion.

These are some snazzy and fun images to illustrate the campaign and the fun captions include the following :-

1. This dog is so cute! ❤️

2. I want a Safemoon Inu in real life!

3. Following the newest trend: Safemoon Inu

4. I don’t know and trade Crypto, but I love to wear this.

5. Who let the dogs out? 😊

6. Will marry anyone who can get me a SMI hihi

7. Want one in black as well please!

8. Either I choose u or Safemoon Inu

9. Love the design!

10. DOGE is OUT, Safemoon IN-u to the moon!


Twitter: @SafemoonInu

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