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Asia’s First Social Wellness Club Opens in Singapore

Welcome home to REKOOP, where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge innovation in luxe-lounge surrounds and personalised concierge services dedicated to holistic wellness 

Asia's pioneering social wellness hub, REKOOP, is set to unveil its doors on 1 June 2024 at 18 Robinson Road, introducing a groundbreaking paradigm shift in health and well-being within the dynamic city-state of Singapore. Departing from conventional wellness centres, REKOOP curates an immersive sanctuary where the wisdom of the East converges seamlessly with cutting-edge technology, empowering individuals to rediscover themselves, reclaim energy, and restore balance for unparalleled performance and longevity.

Nestled at the heart of Singapore's CBD, REKOOP emerges as a refuge for those seeking respite from the daily hustle, providing an oasis where individuals can: accelerate healing in AirPod oxygen therapy; rejuvenate in infrared saunas; improve immune function in ice baths; promote collagen production with red light therapy; and alleviate inflammation in cryo chambers. Beyond momentary relaxation, REKOOP champions enduring well-being, guiding individuals towards sustained vitality and peak performance across all facets of life using scientifically-backed treatments and state-of-the-art technology.

Envisioned as a sanctuary for purposeful meetings, leisurely gatherings, or moments of tranquil solitude, the luxurious lounge area at REKOOP is enriched by sensory elements. This includes specially designed lighting, therapeutic-grade scents, energised water, and frequency-tuned sounds. Additionally, the lounge offers biohacking drinks, all crafted to cultivate a serene atmosphere within the space. Committed to sustainability, REKOOP aims to utilise zero-waste products and items throughout its offerings.

Distinguished by its personalised wellness approach, REKOOP employs dedicated concierges to navigate guests through an eight pillar approach trademarked the Optimal 8TM a comprehensive framework addressing movement, nourishment, community, mindfulness, habits, feelings, energy, and aspiration. The journey commences with guests peering into a transformative mirror, revealing over 50 markers such as stress, skin age, and metabolism. This data analysis informs the creation of a bespoke wellness programme, ensuring each guest's path to optimal health is uniquely their own.

Guided by ancient wisdom philosophies, REKOOP also presents a diverse range of holistic practices, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Training, Integrative Nutrition, Sound Healing, and Meditation.

Diana Kraemer, Co-founder and Wellness Director of REKOOP, asserts that holistic wellness is a universal imperative, stating, "Drawing from my experience as a former professional athlete and sports scientist, I intimately comprehend the pivotal role recuperation plays in achieving peak performance. Yet, a robust recovery programme transcends the boundaries of athletic pursuits.

In today’s contemporary landscape, the demands of modern life exerts a toll on individuals both physically and mentally, particularly in this region where the expectation for high performance persists around the clock. REKOOP was conceived with a vision to serve as a sanctuary for everyone seeking to reclaim energy, restore balance, and unlock their full potential, regardless of their background or fitness level."

REKOOP extends an invitation for guests to discover exclusive membership benefits or alternatively opt for personalised a la carte offerings tailored to their preferences. Founding members, limited to the first 50, will have unlimited access to cryotherapy sessions for life as well as a number of wellness sessions, and other exclusive benefits. 

At REKOOP, guests are enveloped in an opulent environment meticulously fashioned by the esteemed interior design firm Elliot James Interiors. Elliot Barratt, the visionary behind Elliot James Interiors, emphasises the intentional approach evident in every design facet – from material selection to lighting and colours, all carefully considered to captivate all five senses.

"Our inspiration draws from the inherent beauty of natural elements and a deep understanding of how cohesive, serene spaces profoundly impact individuals. The objective was to seamlessly blend luxury with therapeutic elements, envisaging a sanctuary where each aspect significantly contributes to cultivating an atmosphere of tranquillity and wellness. Ultimately, REKOOP was conceived to redefine the optimal environment for healing the body, mind, and spirit,” Barratt pointed out.

At its essence, REKOOP transcends traditional notions of holistic wellness, guiding guests on a transformative journey towards peak health, merging cutting-edge technology with ancient traditions. With tailored programmes, invigorating treatments, and a vibrant social space, REKOOP Asia stands as Singapore's premier wellness haven unlocking life's optimal performance.

"REKOOP stands as the natural choice for individuals looking to cultivate social connections while affording their bodies a dedicated space for self-healing," added Kraemer.

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About REKOOP Asia

REKOOP introduces a pioneering approach to wellness as Asia's first social wellness club, located in Singapore's bustling CBD at 18 Robinson Road. This innovative sanctuary merges Eastern practices with modern technology to offer a unique, transformative wellness experience. REKOOP caters to those seeking respite from the fast-paced urban environment, providing personalised health and wellness treatments such as cryotherapy, infrared saunas, and state-of-the-art ice baths. 

Co-founded by Diana Kraemer, a former professional athlete, REKOOP's mission is to enable individuals to reclaim their vitality, balance, and peak performance. With its luxurious setting, exclusive memberships, and tailored à la carte options, REKOOP fosters a community where wellness and social engagement converge for a holistic lifestyle upgrade. 


18 Robinson Rd, Level 4

Singapore 048547

Tel: +65 6022 1841

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday - 7.00am to 7.00pm

Saturday - 9.00am to 5.00pm

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