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Coming from a history of well-preserved 200-year-old heritage, John Walker & Sons XR 21 boasts in its renowned craftsmanship and takes pride in preserving rare, traditional craft as evidenced in the blending method and exceptional liquids with extremely limited quantities.

Meticulously crafted through an exquisite and extremely rare (X.R.) three-stage blending process of whiskies that are a minimum of 21 years old for John Walkers & Son XR 21, it layers multiple styles and flavour profiles in three stages, resulting in a smooth blend.


Each whisky is carefully chosen to complement one another in this exquisite XR 21 blend and includes whisky from distilleries that are no longer in operation (e.g. Port Dundas) and famous Speyside malts Mortlach and Cardhu.

Flavour Profile : At first breath, the golden liquor gives off an aroma of rich vanilla and toffee with notes showcasing sugar, tempered spices and caramel, which eventually gives way to a whiff of fresh satsumas, baked apple, plump raisins, creamy chocolate and delicate smoke.With smooth dimensions of rich fruits and a long warming finish, the XR 21 dances on the palate in a subtle tapestry of peatiness and is best enjoyed neat at ambient temperature paired with a highball glass of freshly siphoned soda water.

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