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Greentech Festival 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL (GTF) was founded by Sven Krüger, Nico Rosberg and Marco Voigt and it is the largest sustainability festival in Europe with the GTF EXHIBITION, GTF CONFERENCE and GREEN AWARDS. More than 200 exhibitors came together in an exhibition, culminating with a variety of panels and keynotes at the conference and an award ceremony that was composed together to form and honour the most progressive projects worldwide.

Europe's largest event for green technologies and sustainable lifestyle held the first edition of GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore this year from November 17-18, 2022 at the Gardens by the Bay Singapore. The GTF hosted the renowned GTF AWARDS on November 17 followed by a high level C-suite conference on November 18 at Gardens by the Bay to discuss the lastest issues and trends for sustainable building & city planning followed by workshops within the town of Singapore. The organisers expect more than 40 high level speakers as well as 1500 paid delegates at Gardens by the Bay.

Nico Rosberg - co-founder of the GTF said "I am very excited to move to Singapore. It's a very memorable destination of my F1 career and I won the price of Singapore. Now it's time for us to support Singapore and celebrate change for this metropolis in Asia. The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is fully committed to show the best innovations and technologies as well as bringing some of our partners like Audi, Lufthansa or Siemens to Singapore."

Marco Voigt - co-founder of the GTF is equally excited to bring the show to Singapore and mentioned that Singapore has proven to be the best destination for Green Technologies and Sustainable businesses ideas in Asia. Singapores water treatment technologies are already world leading technologies and many new projects in Singapore such as the Gardens by the Bay are fully self sufficient and they can show us how we can preserve the planet by supporting new technologies and innovations.

"Our Singapore edition will focus on sustainable city planning and green building technologies. This area is were we feel Singapore is already paving the way for the Asian nations. With our editions in Berlin, New York City and London we feel Singapore is very important to mark on the map for GTF", added Voigt.

Together with the Singapore Tourism Board as a valuable partner, GTF garnered to share some interesting topics around the core of Green Technologies such as Green Business, Sustainable Lifestyle, Green Building Technologies & City Planning.

The two-day event was also presided by JJ Lin, a popular Singaporean artiste who has made significant milestones in promoting sustainability to the masses. His latest coffee venture, Miracle Coffee, utilises single-origin beans, which derived its origin from the concept of sustainability. The ESG theming and the overall trending environmental-caring message was omnipresent as JJ shared that GFT was an excellent platform for everyone to spread awareness regarding green movements and to contribute meaningfully and to effect change for a better tomorrow.

Let's celebrate change all over the planet - because this planet needs change.

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