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DINE INN, a community dining experience

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


Singapore, January 2017 – Dine Inn is designed to connect the makers and lovers of home-cooked food via an online platform that operates like a free market. With 200 Hosts onboard Dine Inn, these bona fide home chefs are united by their love for cooking. Whether dining at the Hosts’ place, delivery, self-collect, or even hiring a chef to cook at your home, Dine Inn opens up a new culinary frontier of home-style cooking. And just like home-made meals, Dine Inn Hosts allow you to customise your meals according to your preferences and budget.

The Dine Inn concept is the brainchild of Singaporean F&B veterans Chef Eric Teo, who possesses over 30 years of culinary experience, and Luke Lee, business owner of six dining establishments in Singapore. As advocates of Singaporean food, they believe that the nation’s gastronomic gems are hidden from plain sight and in the kitchen of every home. As such, Dine Inn serves to put a beacon to these culinary treasures for diners to find them – at a click of mouse.

Alicia Lim – Ondeh Ondeh cake

Unlike a regular food business, Dine Inn is more than just a transaction: it operates on a social context where it lays the foundation to foster community spirit and personal empowerment. “The premise of Dine Inn is about improving the lives of people through their love for food. It creates interaction among families living in the same community when they order or dine at each other’s house, and provides supplementary income for unemployed spouses who had perfected their cooking skills over the years.

Last but not least, it opens up a new horizon for consumers who crave for the sincerity and affection of home-cooked meals,” said Luke Lee, co-founder of Dine Inn, who is responsible for managing the infrastructure and operations of the business. He continued “Dine Inn complements commercial food operators, who are outfitted to cater to the mass audience, by offering made-to-order meals that can be customised to individual needs. Unlike commercial entities, Hosts partner with Dine Inn primarily as a platform to share their love for cooking with friends, while at the same time earn a reasonable income for their effort and production costs.”

Given Singaporeans’ love and tireless search for good food, and set against the rising trend of young entrepreneurs aspiring to become an artisan chef, Dine Inn comes in at an opportune time to fulfil the desire of the former while empowering the dreams of the latter. “For aspiring chefs, Dine Inn is truly a heaven-sent as the system takes care of the marketing, ordering and billing functions necessary to run a business. Wastage is minimal since food is made to order. Given these favourable auspices, Dine Inn Hosts enjoy a greater shot at success especially since they now have more time to focus on practising and perfecting their culinary skills,” said Chef Eric Teo, co-founder of Dine Inn. Chef Eric continues: “As a Dine Inn ambassador, I endeavour to mentor and cultivate a new generation of home chefs, many of whom I know are diamonds in the rough, as well as impart knowledge on how they can market their menu effectively. We strongly believe that the success and longevity of Dine Inn rest on the collective shoulders of our talented Hosts.”

Diana Loo – Miso Honey Glazed Grilled Pork Belly Steamed Bun


With 200 Hosts offering a variety of home-cooked cuisines from appetisers, entrees to desserts, Guests have the option to dine in, have it delivered, self-collect or even have the Host cooks at their place. Dine Inn menu items shown are sold on a quantity basis, which means Hosts prepare their food in limited batches per day. As such, the Guests orders are confirmed instantly. Some Dine Inn Hosts will be offering their services for hire at private home events, which will certainly bring an interesting dynamic to every household they visit. Pricing varies across different Hosts, but generally, most items are 10% lower than market price for similar items. Dine Inn accepts major credit cards for online payment only.

Angeline Lim – Sago Gula Melaka Pudding


Dine Inn welcomes all bona fide home chefs to sign up as Hosts, with a mandatory requirement to undertake a 1-day Basic Food Hygiene Course approved by Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Applicants may use their Skills Future Credit to fund this course.

Rebecca Kong – Gluten-free Assortment of sweet and savoury canapes


The app will be released in Q1 of 2017 on both App Store and Google Play, and will offer the same functionalities as the web version.

To help defray operating costs, Dine Inn has tied up with several companies to offer cooking supplies and ingredients at a discount of up to 25% to all Hosts. From baking needs, cooking oil, utensils to miscellaneous kitchen supplies and ingredients, Dine Inn’s exclusive partnerships with these vendors demonstrate their commitment to help Hosts succeed. For aspiring Hosts who perform well in terms of steady sales and consistent demand, Dine Inn may approach them to explore a business partnership that can take them to the next level of entrepreneurship. This partnership will involve Dine Inn founders, Luke and Chef Eric, and will be by-invitation only.


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