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Singapore’s First Dedicated Rebounding Studio

Brand New Boutique Fitness Studio That Incorporates Trampoline, Suspension Bands, Pilates and Cardio.

BBOUNCE Studio is Singapore’s first rebounding specialist. The first ever outlet will open early-June 2016. It is located in Orchard Centrepoint and spans 1,900 square feet.

Rebounding is low impact exercises performed on a rebounder, also known as a mini trampoline. Rebounding burns 2 times more calories than jogging. If you need inspiration to work out, or want to put the fun back into exercise, try this! This workout pushes your muscles, increases blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation but has lower risks of injuries. It is suitable for all age groups and there are different classes to cater for all levels. So embrace your inner child and play your way through a full body workout.

BBOUNCE studio will offer Trampoline, Cardio, Pilates and Suspension Bands inspired workouts. The workouts are specially designed for the fastest and most effective results in weight loss and body sculpting. The unique combinations of these workouts offered by BBOUNCE are described as hybrid workouts and will be the first of its kind in Singapore.

For those that are new at exercise, there is the “BBOUNCE LITE”, a beginner class where we introduce to you what rebounding is all about. At the other end of the spectrum, for the ultimate cardio junkie who wants to feel the burn, we have the “BBOUNCE MEDLEY”, our signature hybrid class where we combine different types of workout into one. In addition, BBOUNCE studio will also have a range of body toning and strength classes for those who prefer to workout without the trampoline.

“Our philosophy is that exercising should be fun and effective to sustain. So innovating to create these hybrid workouts ensures that BBOUNCE is not just another fitness studio, but one that is enjoyable and produces results.” says Joel Tan, BBOUNCE founder and owner. This fitness concept is unique to Singapore and is founded by two former national swimmers: Joel Tan, Leslie Kwok. These former athletes get their cardio and strength training workouts on these mini-trampolines.

BBounce is located at :

176 Orchard Rd, Centrepoint #06-09 Singapore 238843

Tel: 6262 2272

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