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Throne Lounge Singapore @ Wave Party K Nightclub

Throne Lounge, where lavish extravagance meets the pulse of the night

Situated in the heart of Singapore's buzzing nightlife, Throne stands as the epitome of sophistication, beckoning those in pursuit of the ultimate party experience. This is the haven where the glamorous dress to impress, infusing their unique flair into an electrifying ambiance complemented by exceptional bottle service.

Every night at Throne is a regal celebration, offering an unparalleled VIP experience for those who revel in the art of luxury and entertainment.

The exclusive pop-up party experience of Throne Lounge Singapore has made a triumphant return, now gracing the newly unveiled Wave Party K nightclub for a limited six-month engagement. This uber-luxe pop-up party concept is poised to redefine the city's nightlife, promising an exceptional experience for connoisseurs of luxury, sophistication, and memorable entertainment.

We went on a tour of this gem of a beauty, right in the heart of the city, at the recently revitalized GRID mall, and was greeted by an expansive 33,000 square feet, featuring an opulent collection of 23 private private party rooms. Costing a total of $10 Million with a dazzling array of animation, lighting decor and sensational psychedelic livery all over the walls and ceilings, this venue is meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of diverse celebrations, events and pure joy and fun!

Steering this grand venture is none other than Andrew Carver, the CEO of Carver Concepts, a name synonymous with 15 years of expertise in the nightlife industry, renowned for orchestrating high-end, luxury events that set new benchmarks in entertainment and grandeur in Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

Carver conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are absolutely delighted to resurrect Throne Lounge Singapore. Our mission is to fashion an ambience where each guest experiences the regal treatment, revelling in a night of unrivalled opulence and festivity. The task of locating the perfect venue for our pop-up concepts is a demanding one, given our uncompromising standards. Fortunately, we've discovered the ideal setting and perfect partner in Wave Party K, a venue that has spared no expense in crafting a state-of-the-art entertainment enclave."

Some of these exclusive spaces even come equipped with DJ consoles, offering guests the unique opportunity to book their own DJs, thereby personalising their musical experience. The grandest room among these private party rooms, capable of accommodating up to 40 guests and featuring a billiards table, seamlessly merging entertainment and socialising. For those who appreciate culinary excellence, another private room offers a dedicated dining table, where guests can savour sumptuous Chinese-inspired cuisine meticulously prepared by the venue's skilled culinary team.

Throne Lounge Singapore is committed to indulgence, exemplified by a dedicated bottle service that raises the bar. Guests can anticipate impeccable service from bottle attendants, showcasing an extensive selection of Champagnes, including the illustrious Armand de Brignac, as well as an array of premium whiskies. This promises a memorable experience for those who appreciate the finest in libations.

What truly sets Throne Lounge Singapore apart is the state-of-the-art sound systems and LED technology woven throughout the entire venue. This innovative lighting system creates an ambiance reminiscent of a futuristic space odyssey, lending an otherworldly feel to the overall experience. The addition of a full kitchen allows for a diverse range of culinary delights to complement the premium drinks, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Throne Lounge Singapore is designed to cater to a wide array of celebrations, whether it be birthdays, corporate events, or unforgettable date nights. It stands as the ultimate destination for those who seek a harmonious blend of luxurious style and entertainment.

Throne Lounge Singapore bookings can be made via their VIP Manager, Mina Sparrow at +65 9132 1240.

Instagram: @Throne_Lounge

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