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Margaret Market


As defined by their ethos....we visited them one lovely evening and was truly thrilled to discover a charming hub right in the heartlands of Singapore ... a community at Margaret Market that supports homegrown local brands and relocated old trade who take pride in what they do with great care, enabling a healthier lifestyle with fitness, health and mental well-being services under one roof; envisioning the framework is a hub that serves as a vibrant destination where residents and visitors can gather and mingle.. We like the fact that they relocate residents and businesses, to continue their trade and business, and also in this format, re-living the old and traditional albeit in a modern community-centric setting.

A truly wellness concept that is aptly juxtaposed into a community-based framework, that incorporates, healthcare, wellness care, community activities, brand concepts, products, produce and services, that is developed with the Singapore resident, expatriate and visitor in mind, different ages, coming together, purpose-driven... along with free health screenings, community programmes, fitness, arts and culture activities

About Margaret Market

Market Margaret Market is a first-of-its-kind conserved Marketplace for community gathering with a selection of wholesome food, good produce and fitness and wellness services. It takes over from what used to be the former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market & Food Centre that was built in 1956. Gazetted for conservation by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), it now breathes new life as a modern community marketplace set to be the jewel of Singapore’s first satellite town of Queenstown.

Within its open-space walls, Margaret Market gathers the community together with a

food hangout space and trades of home-grown brands with deep local roots and a fitness and wellness centre. Margaret Market is curated and managed by Bethesda Medical, the master tenant and health service provider of the development. On the first Saturday of each month, there will be free health screening for the elderly. Community programmes made accessible to all walks of life are in the plans, including subsequent events themed around the farmer’s market as well as fitness programmes and arts and culture activity.

Margaret Market at Queenstown welcomes all to this oldest market, today

a revamped modern space featuring a curated selection of good food, wholesome produce plus fitness and health services. Margaret Market takes over from what used to be the former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market & Food Centre that was built in 1956 and is the only remaining building in Singapore built by the Singapore Improvement Trust. Gazetted for conservation by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), it now breathes new life as Margaret Market, a new destination set to be the jewel of

Singapore’s first satellite town of Queenstown.

Across 1,800 square metres spread into two floors, Margaret Market seeks to bring vibrancy to the precinct and create an identity for the conserved building. It is intended as a space to bring different concepts together seamlessly, all in the efforts to allow residents to better appreciate the architectural landmark and its coinciding rich heritage of the area. Dr Stephen Tong, founder of Margaret Market says, “We hope that the market will be able to put local brands in the spotlight by providing a platform and a voice to local brands, giving them an opportunity to showcase their unique products and services and collectively help them reach a broader audience.

We also hope to create a sense of pride and identity within the community by

encouraging people to support their fellow local entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of cooperation among businesses and residents. We hope that Margaret Market will be able to inspire other places and communities with similar initiatives that support and uplift local businesses.”

The Making of Margaret Market

Margaret Market came to fruiition following a chance encounter by Dr Tong of the property on a website. The location spoke to him immediately with its distinctive layout and vintage architecture, presenting perfect plots for the diverse shops and traders he had in mind.

LOCALITY: Local brands that are community focused are carefully curated to create this sense of identity. Instead of big conglomerates and chain brands, Margaret Market sought out boutique traders and food makers to highlight unique offerings and minimise duplication. Diversity is also prioritised with tenants, especially those with a commitment and passion for their concepts, selected in line with the sense of communiy intended for Margaret Market.

HERITAGE: A cause close to Dr Tong’s heart are the traders from the soon-to-be demolished Tanglin Halt and surrounding neighbourhood. Hoping to keep their craft alive, his team reached out to more than 20 shop owners facing relocation and assisted them to find new spots to continue their trade within Margaret Market. Addressing their concerns and uncertainty of moving to a new foreign location, they were offered a reduced rate to overcome their challenges.

COMMUNITY: On the food front, the team got recommendations from friends and networks and personally tasted their respective offerings to ensure quality. Brands presenting local flavours with a touch of heritage were bonuses. They now come together in a communal dining area that seats 70 people, with additional seating allocated at each eatery. A community that eats together, stays together – and the layout encourages just that with its communal dining concept flanked by ample hangout spots for residents and visitors to gather and mingle – along with other lifestyle, health and wellness converge at Margaret Market in a space made for the community, by the community.

Supporting Local Brands

As a lifestyle destination, Margaret Market is local-centric and seeks to support local brands, home bakers and cooks. Boutique local brands and first-time vendors and entrepreneurs will be spotlighted in a communal space, offering a variety of food and beverage delights and community gathering

For food, sample the best of local talents with the likes of Urban Folks with their Australian-inspired jaffles and DIY acai bowls as well as The Homme Baker and their artisanal cakes. Both were previously home-based businesses that now have the opportunity to operate out of home thanks to a spot at Margaret Market.

Take things up a notch with Margie, a swanky bistro bar serving up local tacos, bites and more with a side of drinks. We sampled some of the food and drinks, simple yet delicious, which to me is very important, a truly fantastic place to hang-out, to chill and to have a nice evening with friends and family..

Seafood is offered fresh and sweet at Bowen’s Café, complete with engaging in-house activities on weekend evenings for something for the whole family. Asian flavours come alive with the likes of WaWa Lala Bee Hoon that spotlights sweet whole clams in noodle soup dishes made using live clams for ultimate freshness. There’s also Kou Kou Xiang Ji Tang Fan, the chicken soup rice specialist that nourishes the heart and soul with chicken soup brewed for four hours with a variety of mushrooms from a recipe imported directly from Chengdu.

Sweet treats are offered with Creamier artisanal ice cream café and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a Singapore icon for local breakfast treats, both home-grown brands with deep local roots. Those seeking fresh fruits and whole foods will find all they need at Cu.Ra.Te, a fresh fruit and vegetable supplier specialising in seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Building A Community

Within its open-space walls, Margaret Market also aims to promote healthy minds and bodies. On a monthly basis, look forward to free health screenings, community programmes, fitness, arts and culture activities made accessible to all walks of life. The monthly free health screening by Bethesda Medical will be conducted on the first Saturday of each month starting 2 September 2023 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM for Singapore citizens and permanent residents aged 60 and above.

The clinic has GP, X-ray, obstetrics & gynaecology (O&G), dental and counselling services.

The space is also home to a relocated old trade of Chinese medical hall, Fung Onn Medical Store, affected by the closing of Tanglin Halt. They are just a stone’s throw away from their previous location at Tanglin Halt so customers and followers will still get to interact with their familiar shop owners and workers. Relocated trades are offered a subsidised rate to set up shop and resume business at Margaret Market, all in the spirit of community. Busy bees may also stay on top of their health with Gymm Boxx, a 24-hour open space gym for working out any time of the day to fit your schedule.

Margaret Market aim to create a new identity while preserving a sense of familiarity by revitalising an old landmark for the new generation. Margaret Market is proudly curated and managed by Bethesda Medical, the master tenant and health service provider of the development.

Address: 38 Margaret Drive, Singapore 141038

Instagram: @margaretmarketsg

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