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Give the "Gift of Health" with Amazin’ Graze this Year of the Dragon!

KUALA LUMPUR, 29th December 2023 - In a crowded snack market where conventionality reigns, Amazin' Graze proudly introduces an innovative approach that invites thoughtful consideration of choices.

As Chinese New Year nears, Amazin' Graze invites you to enhance your celebrations with our health-focused snacks inspired by the mighty dragon's strength. "The Gift of Health" is more than a delightful assortment; it empowers you to seize opportunities and embrace positive change as the Year of the Dragon heralds a brighter, more vibrant future.

Celebrate with our Nut Mixes and Hummus Chips this year, showcasing our dedication to vibrant Asian flavors and modern twists on traditional snacks. Picture your open house standing out among the rest by offering a modern twist - crispy, healthy chips made from chickpeas and lentils, and Nut Mixes baked with natural, real ingredients like coconut, pandan, curry leaves, and seaweed.

Gift strength, vitality, and wellness with our carefully crafted Lunar Fortune and Flaming Fortune boxes this Chinese New Year. Surprise your loved ones with these heartfelt and healthy gifts, adding a uniquely flavorful touch to your open house snack table. Share boxes filled with vibrant Asian flavors and crunchy textures from 100% natural ingredients, all crafted with real food.

Embark on your journey towards a new you with our New Year, New Me box. It's the perfect starting point for those committed to fitness resolutions. Consider it your first step to a healthier, more energized version of yourself, with Amazin' Graze by your side. A highlight of this box is our Plant-Based Protein Blend, recently a knockout in the market, going out of stock three times in 2023 due to its popularity. With 25g of protein (one of the highest in the market), 2 Bil CFU of Probiotics, ZERO Sugar content, and additional ingredients like Fibersol and Acerola Cherry Extract, it's a recipe for a healthier you. Seize the opportunity with our New Year Resolution Box to achieve and maintain your health resolution.

Elevate your gift-giving with our Limited Edition Chinese New Year Design on these special boxes. Effortlessly spread joy and promote a healthier, happier holiday with these elegantly designed boxes—no wrapping needed. Inside, find a delightful mix of crunchy granola, sweet and savory nut mixes, delectable hummus chips, and a power-packed protein blend for everyone, not just fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on each box, removing any worries about extra costs when sharing these delightful gifts with friends and family this holiday season.

Choose Amazin' Graze's "Gift of Health" this holiday season to convey your love, appreciation, and commitment to well-being. To order your Christmas gift boxes, visit 

About Amazin’ Graze 

Amazin' Graze, founded in Malaysia in August 2015, is on a mission to make healthy living accessible. Born from a transition away from corporate roles, the female-founded company has reinvented plain granola with unique asian-inspired flavors like Coconut, Pandan, Curry Leaves, and Lemongrass. Operating from Kuala Lumpur, Amazin' Graze has expanded to 10+ countries, offering wholesome, Asian-inspired granola with superfoods like lion's mane mushroom, chicory root fibre, and lemongrass. With a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines, Amazin' Graze is making a positive impact on healthier snacking across Asia.

To learn more, visit 

Facebook: amazingraze

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