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Sushi Sei 鮓煋

One of the Finest Kaiseki & Omakase Wonders in Asia!

Highly Recommended! Media Rating 9/10

A true #Kaiseki#Omakase & #Whisky Appreciation Dinner with a top Kaiseki chef who hails from #Sapporo#Hokkaido#Japan and superbly paired with top-notch cutting edge whiskies from the Nagano and Kagoshima region consisting of #iwai#mars Manzanilla single malt Komagatake and single malt Tsunuki - astonishingly smooth and awesome!

For the Whiskeys, we sampled the Iwai "Tradition" Blended Whiskey, the Mars Maltage "Cosmo" Manzanilla, the Mars Single Malt "Komagatake Limited Edition 2022 and Mars Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition. The Iwai was truly a smooth and easy champion, easy to the throat, and bursting with finesse and taste, but the true winner, proclaimed by most of us, went to the Tsunuki, such a wondrous feat to be able to sample all these winners, in a beautiful tasting at Sushi Sei.

For the first course of HORS-D'OEUVRES, we has a spread of Sake Steamed Clam with Whiskey, Spring Broccolini & Smoked Tofu with Mullet Roe, this was delivered in a welcoming format, that truly pleased us, in the expression of fine Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki style.

On the APPETIZER, we have a plethora consisting of Steamed Snow Crab Chawanmushi, Pickled Squid with Sudachi Citrus, Deep-Fried Sweet Shrimp & Shishito Pepper, Sake Steamed Abalone with Whiskey, Smoked Salmon Wrapped in Sliced Turnip Topped with Caviar, Candied Japanese Smelt Fish and Grilled Marinated Cream Cheese in Sake Lees & Organic Miso. Chef Saitoh-San melangé the whiskey bits into the steamed abalone to bring about wonders from his Hokkaido-based kaiseki training in Sapporo - it tasted exquisite with strong whimpers of northern Japanese classique flavours.

When the SASHIMI was presented, the Whiskey Aburi Big-Eye Snapper caught my eye (another whiskey-centric concoction that exuded the premium flavours in this fresh catch, the Scallop and Botan Shrimp both imagined flavours from the Chef's omakase training, and the freshness was just vibrant!

Saitoh-san uses his professional experience and discerning eye to procure only the finest ingredients. This ability is vital in Japanese cuisine where much emphasis is placed on seasonality and the ability to bring out the best of every ingredient. Seasonal fruits and vegetables that are usually not easily obtained, as well as fish and meat of the highest quality, are procured from all over Japan.

The Tasting Panel were thoroughly spoilt with an 8-course menu which was well curated with the 4 distinct whiskys en-taste at each course tier within the degustation. My personal favorites were the sashimi - whiskey aburi snapper, scallop and botan shrimp… temaki hand roll, charcoal grilled kurobuta black pork infused with whiskey… and the chuturo sushi.. i like the way how the appetizer was being assembled in a kaiseki-formatted provision and the motivation behind the chef’s hand whipped matcha.. truly one of the best whiskey pairing dinners I have ever had.. @rosettemedia @rosett_asia

For the fourth course of TEMAKI HAND-ROLL, the Negitoro with Uni was prepared in such strong dedication that you can address its rehearsal as each munch coordinated with the amount of time that Chef took to prepare this dish; this was super new for me as a dish so I truly liked it 10/10 for me, on the rating!

With the presentation on the SIMMERED DISH, it consisted of a Low-Temperature Steamed Spanish Mackerel Simmered with Arima Pepper (pretty tough to achieve), Served with Moso Bamboo Shoot & Japanese Yam

Another awesome course was the MEAT DISH - this time, a Charcoal Grilled Kurobut Black Pork in Whiskey with Organic Miso, Served with Colourful Vegetables & Japanese Mountain Wasabi - superb! no words can express its taste, not too salty but with the right mix of umami driven by its cooking methodology...can we given 11/10 (no such equation in mathematics)...

The NIGIRI SUSHI course comprised of Japanese Halfbeak, Ark Shell, Chutoro, Anago Conger Eel and it ended off with a Serving of Red Miso Clam Soup - Brilliant, just brilliant!

For DESSERT, we had the Milk Warabi Mochi with Whiskey (now this was super good!) and you can only find this dessert offering here, in Singapore, Chocolate Sauce & Seasonal Fresh Fruits were added to complement the whole dessert offering and not forgetting the Chef's Hand-Whipped Matcha (where it wasn't sweetened, so it's freshness tasted like aromatic morning dew, green leaf matcha wonderfulness)

Considered the epitome of Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki renders and preserves tradition and culture and in this regard, Chef Saitoh-san, uses his Kaiseki and Omakase based-techniques to showcase his title as the grand master of Japanese cuisine, and he came to Singapore, out of his own desire, to share the appeals of this traditional Japanese cuisine, which is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


The quality was impeccable, the ingredients super fresh, and sashimi firm and shiny.. my media rating is at 9/10, much higher than most kaiseki and Omakase that I have tasted at well known establishments across Asia.

Address 11 Cavenagh Road #01-13/14 Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre,Singapore 229616

Opening Hours LUNCH: 12:00-15:00 (Last Seating at 14:00) Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday DINNER: 18:00-21:30 (Last Seating at 20:30) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday DINNER: 18:00-22:00 (Last Seating at 21:00) Friday & Saturday Closed on Monday - Lunch & Dinner Closed on Tuesday & Thursday - Lunch

Reservations WhatsApp : 65-8139-9600

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