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Rang Mahal joins GastroMonth 2018

Rang Mahal, the Michelin guide and award winning fine dining Indian restaurant at Pan Pacific Hotel is proud to be part of GastroMonth 2018 from 1-30 September 2018. Embark on a gastronomical adventure with Chef Milind Sovani and his modern interpretation of Indian cuisine with a specially curated 5 course set menu at only $118++ per head.

Amuse Bouche – soup on foam.

Start with the Masala Rice Sushi which promises an explosion of flavours in a bite sized morsel.

Next up is the Sahana of the Sea – a buttery tandoori grilled slipper lobster paired with gun powder sea sand and sesame tossed seaweed.

Yuzu Mint Sorbet on Betel Leaf to cleanse the palette before the mains.

The premium Irish Roast Duck is fattier than normal ducks and is rubbed down with a mix of more than 15 spices including cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms and sankeshwari chilli, and roasted in the tandoor to a crisp golden brown finish.

A super healthy staple dish – Three way Mushroom on brown rice khichdi Risotto style with sour cream raita.

An all time favourite classic dessert, Gulab Jamun and Rabri traditionally features deep fried balls of milk dough, soaked in thickened sweet milk flavoured with saffron and cardamom.

Hurry – do pre-book your tickets exclusively at

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