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Naga Imo: Review

Naga Imo has it origins attached to the humble Japanese Yam and the basis for Longevity, and we were extremely curious to check this place out, and that's what we did one evening.

Wwe arrived and saw an amazing Japanese umbrella decor adorned against the ceiling. Naga Imo is housed in a lovely 3-storey restored pre-war shophouse along the bustling and trendy Club Street and serves authentic Japanese cuisine in two unique dining concepts.

A welcome Japanese High ball set the evening straight on-track, prior to our meal.

We went through various items on their new a la carte menu, with a plethora of Sashimi platter - so fresh and delicious, the Chicken taru taru, this is so tasty, a Menchi katsa, which is actually beef-centric meatball, cooked to perfection with lots of umami and flavour. Our German media correspondent, Maria simply adored the Beinasu dengaku- which is essentially an eggplant delivered in a nicely cooked style.

A lovely set of Sushi platter was brought in, and it was just simple pure, fresh and well melangé to perfection in the chef's sushi curation. The Kani miso tsumami allowed us to cleanse the palate, before the arrival of the Gyu nikomi miso, which was excellent and so was the Gyu mochi kome - which is minced sprinkled beef with glutinous rice.


Naga Imo

82 Club Street

Singapore 069450

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

11:30 pm - 3:00 pm

5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

* Closed on Sundays

Phone - Whatsapp (for reservations)

9638 8182

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