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Ding Dong: New Menu Launch

Widely recognised as a food lover’s paradise and a melting pot of Asian cuisine, Singapore is no doubt a gateway to the eclectic culinary flavours of Asia. Enter Ding Dong, one of Singapore’s foremost restaurants to join in the Mod-Asian epicurean movement since opening its doors in 2013; the restaurant prides itself in continuously putting forth innovative dishes that meld familiar and traditional flavours of Asian cuisine with innovative plating, and modern, progressive culinary techniques.

Ding Dong is proud to introduce 18 new exciting dishes to its ala carte menu, a creative reimagination of Asia’s quintessential flavours through modern and progressive execution by newly appointed Head Chef, Miller Mai and his team of culinary specialists, under the tutelage of Executive Chef, Ryan Clift; as well as an equally inventive cocktail programme – Not So Lonely Planet, conceptualised and created by Group Bar Manager, Joe Schofield.

“The food at Ding Dong has always been about stirring the Mod-Asian trend pot, bringing in fusion flavours that bridge culinary cultures between the East and the West. Through the progressive and contemporary cooking skills applied onto traditional Asian recipes, we are able to showcase the versatility of Asian cuisine, experimenting with familiar flavours and aromas, and at the same time introducing new textures and new ways of presenting a dish,” says Miller Mai, Head Chef.

Chef Miller continuously strives to challenge himself in creating intriguing Asian-inspired dishes to offer diners a unique gateway to the dynamic flavours of Asia. “The style of cooking at Ding Dong caters to a globalised gastronomic palette, presenting a contemporary take on the highly eclectic flavours that Asia has to offer,” adds chef Miller. We dropped by one weekday evening to check out their latest revamped menu. We started off cocktails with a Champagne Gabriel Pagin Premier Cru NV to cleanse the palette. Amazing bubbles and great structure to this brilliant Champagne.

The first appetizer served was a Kueh Pie Tee with Chilli Crab sauce $15. A refreshing rendition to the traditional Perankan verison.

Steak Tartare $20. Nice infusiona and balance of flavours to this intepretation from Chef Miller. Tuna Tataki $18. The most disappointing dish of the night. We do not mince our words. We strive to offer objective and honest feedback to our readers and members. The tuna was overcooked, tough and tasteless. However the sorbet was quite decent though. We gave some feedback to the Chef and they promised to look into it.

Iberico Pork Belly with Thai style dipping sauce $22. Burnt and caramelized with the right amount of marbling, it simply melted in the mouth upon first bite.

A healthier version of “You Char Kway” was up next. Dough Fritter with black charcoal powder and stuffed with Otah paste. Unique and pretty different from other joints’ intepretation. Pumpkin soup with curry and crayfish $16. Naturally sweet and awesome home cooked goodness.

Now for the mains. Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs in Buah Keluak sauce. The ribs were soft and tender and blended really well with the Buah Keluak gravy. Heavenly. Lamb Shank with bone in. This reminds us of the Soup Tulang we used to have at traditional Indian Muslim stalls. The meat was tender and came nicely off the bone.

Duck Leg Confit – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Superbly executed by the Chef. To round off the evening, we had their signature Durian Alaska Mao Shan Wang. It was really sweet and sinful, but we could all do with a cheat day once in a while right..?

For Reservations: Ding Dong Address: 115 Amoy St #01-02, Singapore 069935 Tel: +65 6557 0189 Operating hours: Monday – Friday 12.00pm – 3.00pm 6.00pm – 12.00am (last order for food: 10.30pm) Saturday 12.00pm – 3.00pm 6.00pm – 12.00am (last order for food: 11.30pm)

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