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Aqina Farm Chicken

From a gastronomic viewpoint, the choice of chicken and how it is bred and fed becomes a prominent feature on it’s taste, structure and delicacy. As such, we have decided to feature our partner, Aqina Farm Chicken and the goodness found in this amazing culinary product. What we found amazing is what they use to feed their chickens and the resultant taste that is achieved, especially when it is steamed, with natural aromatic sweet taste, and tender texture in the “kampung chicken” style – simply bagus!

Aqina Farm Singapore focuses on bringing fresh and healthier food from farm to table, that does not compromise on its taste. Established since 1994, they are currently a leading producer of both Premium Organic Kampung Chickens and Premium MD2 Pineapples which are both superbly palatable in tastes, as well as high in nutritional values. They are currently the first and only producer in Singapore with Organic Certified Kampung Chickens, and also being accredited with “Healthier Choice” (by Health Promotion Board of Singapore).

Their Santori Organic Kampung Chicken is raised in a stress-free and climatic controlled environment to provide the best comfortable living conditions. They are fed with their Premium, Naturally Sweet, MD2 Pineapples’ enzyme (which are meticulously grown in their own farm), both of which are Rich in Vitamins & High Nutritional Values:

Here is a list of properties that exude benefits of this unique Chicken species :

Bromelain – Anti-inflammatory properties aids in their digestive system and minimising injuries arising from Arthritis and other inflammatory issues, optimising its meat quality.

Vitamin C – helps keep their kampung chickens healthier and they are also less prone to sickness by improving their immune system.

Manganese – helps their kampung chickens attain healthier stronger bones. As Kampung Chickens are very active by nature, weak bones are prone to injuries such as fractures; resulting in tissue tears, emitting acidity into the meat causing undesirable damage to both the meat texture and taste.

OMEGA 3, 6 & 9 – Their Santori MD2 Organic Kampung chickens are Rich in Omega Fatty Acids which supports Mental Health, improves Cardiovascular Health and reduces inflammation.

No Growth Hormones – Slow grown over a span of 70 days, ensures their chickens absorb all the required nutrients and proteins they need, to be happy, healthier, sweeter and tender.

Accredited with “Our Healthier Choice” by Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Naturally Sweet & Aroma-filled MD2 Pineapples’ enzymes, it is fully absorbed by their chickens. It is amazing when you can even taste a hint of Pineapple sweetness in their Santori MD2 Organic Kampung Chickens. Even if you do not have sensitive taste buds, you will still be able to taste that natural sweetness of their Santori MD2 Organic Kampung Chickens.

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