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Aimée Clinic-Spa-Salon


Aimée is a high-end, comprehensive beauty and health care brand in Vietnam. Founded in 2021, combining modern European technology with natural, charming Asian ingredients - Aimée will bring you a suite of spa and wellness experiences, fully feeling the "peace" in the middle of a bustling city.

Key Competencies within Aimée

  • Modern Technology Genuinely Imported From Inmode Corporation (USA) And Venus Concept (Canada)

  • Team of Experienced Experts and Consultants

  • High-end Cosmetics and Treatments from France

  • Relaxing and Luxurious Space

From the Heart

Aimée always serves customers with all her heart

  • Cherishing natural beauty, Aimée cares for clients' health with natural, minimally invasive ingredients.

  • Monitoring and taking care of customers' health after experiencing the service is the difference and priority at Aimée.

  • Pioneer in applying modern beauty technology.

Premium Technology and Processes

Aimée aspires to provide 5-star services and products for health. Applying modern technology, world-class processes and personalising each therapy to improve the quality of customer experience.

Skin and Body Care

Women's natural beauty is always something to be cherished and honoured. Aimée provides professional Skin and Body Care services to help you always keep your skin clean, healthy, plump and smooth.

Suite of Spa, Beauty and Wellness Experiences

Embracing the ancient traditional culture of Oriental medicine combined with the power of plants, fresh flowers and fruits has created unique relaxation therapies at Aimée. Using natural ingredients, extracting each type of exclusive, familiar fragrance helps you release mental stress, bringing moments of relaxation and peace.

A clean, healthy and plump skin is no longer a dream because Aimée has a Facial treatment that helps deep clean, remove blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, enhance lymphatic circulation while transmitting nourishing essence and promoting collagen production, wrinkle removal to bring bright, healthy and youthful skin with natural shine.

Relax your whole body at Aimée, you will enjoy the most comfortable time with the combination of relaxation therapies with ancient traditional massage techniques, creating bell sounds....

A full body skin rejuvenation treatment that exfoliates, oxygenates, and treats sun damaged skin, helping to restore and energize the skin.

Body Wrap therapy is designed for areas of skin that need special care, effectively slimming, brightening and firming the skin, while promoting the skin's regeneration and protection.

Natural nail care method for strong, bright hands and feet with steps such as soaking with herbs, caring for and polishing nails..

With a hair care process from herbal ingredients and experienced massage hands, you will relax and have relaxing moments.

Hi-Tech Beauty

Aimée offers a variety of safe, non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Their services are powered by advanced, patented technology from Venus Concept and Cluederm to deliver optimal results.

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  • Monday - Sunday: 08:30 – 20:00

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