MIAJA GALLERY: Fullerton Celebrates women

M I A J A   G A L L E R Y

F U L L E R T O N  C E L E B R A T E S  W O M E N

fullerton_010317-080From 2nd Left: GM Fullerton Hotel, Isabelle Miaja (managing Director of Miaja Gallery), Naomi Stahl (Gallery Director), Julian Miaja, Dr. June Goh (SCWO President), Hon Sec (SCWO), H.E. the Austrian Ambassador to Singapore and H.E. the Portugese Ambassador to Singapore

Joint Exhibition
PUBLIC DATES: March 1st – April 3rd 2017
In its upcoming popup exhibition, Les Ailes d’une Femme’ (Wings of a Women), Miaja Gallery in partnership with Fullerton Hotel Singapore will be exhibiting in a month long group exhibition featuring Kim Xu (Shanghai) & Nissa Kauppila (USA) in celebration of International Women’s Month.
Each artist explores a deep connection with personal experiences whether joy, passion, perseverance or despair, and through their art express how both fragility and strength can define an individual. Each of the subjects that both Nissa and Kim paint are reflections and symbols that naturally align with the cause of what Women’s Day represents: a celebration of love and respect towards the achievements made by women throughout history.
Naomi Stahl, Gallery Director 
East Garden Foyer – The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
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